Amazon Games Launches New World Closed Beta Along With Jeff Bezos

A closed beta for Amazon Games’ upcoming MMORPG, New World, launches on the very same day as Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ journey into space.

Amazon Games has just begun a closed beta for the upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing game New World. The upcoming MMORPG is set in the fictional Aeternum Island, a setting strongly based on colonial America. In New World players will fight to survive and thrive in the harsh colonies, encountering other players as well as deadly monsters.

New World was first announced back in 2016, and Amazon Games has been working on the ambitious title ever since. During June’s Summer Game Fest 2021, fans were given a deep dive into New World‘s Expeditions, weapons and more. The MMORPG was originally scheduled for a May 2020 release before multiple delays, and it appears that the extra time has been spent on filling the game with an abundance of content. The deep dive focused on Expeditions, a five-player multiplayer activity that allows a group of players to battle their way through enemies and bosses to acquire unique loot. The game’s open world of Aeternum is also said to be quite an expansion, with multiple large and unique areas for players to explore alone or with a group. More recently, a preview of the upcoming New World beta revealed multiple new game modes which will allow players to enter combat alongside or against other players.

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On the same day that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos was launched into space, Amazon Games has launched the closed beta for New World. Players have been randomly selected to participate in this exclusive test for the game, with Amazon Game pulling from a pool of volunteers who either pre-ordered the game or signed up on the game’s website. The beta will apparently be quite expansive, allowing players to partake in invasions and explore the world of Aeternum. This closed beta test will run from July 20 to August 2.

You can watch the New World closed beta trailer here.

While money played a large part in Jeff Bezos’ recent joyride into space, many gamers fear that money will give certain New World players an unfair advantage. The game is confirmed to feature an in-game marketplace, which has led to concerns that items sold in the shop will give paying customers a leg up over other players. However, Amazon Games has specifically stated that New World‘s microtransactions will not create a pay-to-win scenario. Only cosmetic items will be sold in the market for the foreseeable future, although that fact may change down the road.

Amazon’s New World looks to be a very promising MMORPG, featuring a vast world for players to explore and strategic real-time gameplay to create intense encounters. Previous tests have provided Amazon with necessary feedback, and this most recent closed beta will surely result in constructive feedback as well. With founder Bezos briefly entering a new world beyond our planet, Amazon Games is inviting players into their own new world to experience.

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New World will release on August 31, 2021.

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