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4 Financial Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle

When people set out to live a healthy lifestyle, they often imagine the multiple benefits that lay ahead. For instance, if you speak with your doctor about the benefits of eating right, getting regular sleep, avoiding stress, and other positive changes, the advantages are quite obvious. But what about the more subtle benefits that come along with a healthier lifestyle?

For whatever reason, many often ignore the financial side of the equation. It’s a fact that along with measurable, physical aspects of living well, there are monetary rewards too. When you do what it takes to live a healthy life, what’s in it for you besides emotional peace of mind, longevity, a better attitude, and a stronger body? The answer is money. Here are some of the ways that following your doctor’s advice can fatten your bank account.

Higher Income

Healthier adults likely will miss fewer days of work, are more productive, have enough energy to work a second job if they choose to do so, and move up the career ladder with more ease. Plus, the longer you live, the better chance you have to retire and enjoy life to the fullest. For married couples, one of the keys to a healthy relationship is financial compatibility, so be sure that you and your spouse are always communicating and working towards common goals.

Lower Life Insurance Premiums

Have you ever read the first few questions on a life insurance application? They’re quite telling because each one focuses on a particular aspect of bodily health, such as asking if you smoke, your weight, or medical conditions. The better your overall health, the lower will be your policy premiums when you get down to buying coverage. Then, consider the fact that if you acquire a policy from a reputable company, there’s another advantage besides lower premiums. Should you decide to sell the policy, you could receive a cash payout.

Selling is easier than most suspect, but it’s best to review a guide on how a life insurance payout can put money directly into your pocket. The upside of learning how life insurance works are that you can choose to sell a policy if the need ever arises. You can easily test that better health equals lower premiums by doing a few online applications to get quotes. See what kinds of premiums you’d get if you were in top physical shape as opposed to being obese, a smoker, a heavy drinker, and other negative responses to the questionnaires. Chances are you’ll be shocked by the huge price differences.

Lower Medical Bills

What you pay out of pocket for medicines, medical treatments, therapy, and surgery is typically much less if you maintain good health. Even safety plays a role in this regard, because people who drive safely, avoid risky behaviors, and pay close attention to their physical well-being take fewer trips to the emergency room.

More Disposable Income

Not all the benefits of healthful living are obvious. Consider how much money you could save by eating out less, and by avoiding fast-food restaurants altogether. Dining at home more often means higher grocery bills. However, those costs are more than offset by what you can potentially save by not spending so much cash in restaurants, drive-thru lanes, and convenience stores. When preparing their own meals, they tend to make better nutritional choices and usually enjoy the food more.

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