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45.713.284 inova simples (i.s.) sao paulo

45.713.284 inova simples (i.s.) sao paulo

45.713.284 inova simples (i.s.) sao paulo



Information Details
CNPJ 45.713.284/0001-00
State Registration (SP) 134.613.813.114
Legal Name 45.713.284 Inova Simples (I.s.)
Trade Name Itruta
Date of Establishment 19/03/2022
Company Size Not Classified
Legal Entity Type Simple Innovation Company
Opted for MEI No
Type Head Office
Status Active
Registration Date 19/03/2022
Email claudinei.monteiro@itruta.com.br
Phone (11) 98992-2290 (Call/Whatsapp)
Address Rua Tapanan, 56
Neighborhood Santo Amaro
ZIP Code 04747-160
City São Paulo
State São Paulo
Mailing Address Itruta 45.713.284 Inova Simples (I.s.)
Rua Tapanan 56
Santo Amaro
São Paulo SP



In the dynamic landscape of entrepreneurial ventures, one company stands out with resolute determination – Itruta. With its unique identity as an Innovative Business Company, Itruta exemplifies the essence of simplicity in innovation, breaking free from traditional norms and embracing boundless possibilities.

Founded on the 19th of March, 2022, in the vibrant city of São Paulo, Itruta embarked on a transformative journey towards progress and excellence. As the company celebrates its existence for one year, four months, and four days, it reflects on a path marked by resilience and unwavering commitment.

At the heart of Itruta lies its dedication to innovation, evident in its principal activity – Maintenance and repair of machines and equipment for the industries of food, beverages, and tobacco. The company thrives as an active entity, continually redefining industry standards.

As a “Sem Enquadramento” company, Itruta defies categorization, choosing to chart its course beyond conventional boundaries. Its determination to foster creativity and originality sets it apart as a beacon of change in the corporate realm.

Led by the visionary Claudinei Monteiro, a resident of Brazil, Itruta surges forward with vigor, guided by an unwavering pursuit of excellence. The company’s central location on Rua Tapanan in the enchanting district of Santo Amaro in São Paulo serves as a dynamic hub of innovation.

In its pursuit of growth, Itruta forges strong connections with its clientele through multiple channels. From its dedicated email – claudinei.monteiro@itruta.com.br – to the accessible contact number – (11) 98992-2290 (Ligar) (Whatsapp) – the company ensures seamless communication.

With its registered address at Rua Tapanan 56, Santo Amaro, São Paulo, Itruta serves as a testament to the possibilities of innovation and imagination. Its commitment to excellence is mirrored in its active status, symbolizing an unwavering dedication to progress.

As Itruta continues to shape its legacy, it serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs, a testimony to the transformative power of innovation. With its gaze firmly fixed on the future, Itruta embraces change, leading the way towards a world where possibilities are limitless, and innovation knows no bounds.

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