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2.7b pivotal augustmillertechcrunch

VMware Completes $2.7 Billion Acquisition of Pivotal

VMware Completes $2.7 Billion Acquisition of Pivotal

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, the information you provided about VMware’s acquisition of Pivotal is accurate. VMware did announce the acquisition of Pivotal in August, and it closed the deal at a value of $2.7 billion.

vmware 2.7b pivotal | vmware pivotal augustmillertechcrunch

This acquisition was part of VMware’s strategy to expand its capabilities in cloud-native technologies and transform from a virtual machine company into a cloud-native vendor.

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vmware 2.7b augustmillertechcrunch

The acquisition of Pivotal added another important component to VMware’s portfolio, along with other recent acquisitions like Heptio and Bitnami.

vmware augustmillertechcrunch

These acquisitions were aimed at bolstering VMware’s Tanzu offering, which is a platform designed to integrate Kubernetes containers and VMware virtual machines for efficient management of infrastructure.

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vmware 2.7b pivotal augustmillertechcrunch

With the acquisition of Pivotal, VMware also gained access to Pivotal’s expertise in professional services, which could further support application transformation initiatives.

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Prior to the acquisition, Pivotal was a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange, but it became a wholly owned subsidiary of VMware after the deal was finalized.

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It’s worth mentioning that both Pivotal and VMware were part of the consortium of companies that Dell acquired when it purchased EMC in 2015. Despite their previous connections, Pivotal and VMware operated as separate entities before the acquisition.

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2.7b pivotal

Pivotal had a promising start as a separate company, raising significant funding and going public in 2018. However, it faced challenges as a public company, leading to a significant decline in its stock price. VMware stepped in and offered to acquire Pivotal at a premium to its low point, ultimately integrating it into its operations.

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2.7b augustmillertechcrunch

Please note that the information I provided is accurate up until September 2021, and there may have been further developments or updates regarding VMware and Pivotal since then.

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