California Realtors Go Viral for Hilarious Video Poking Fun at Work Culture

Work perks and employee benefits are often used to retain and attract talent to companies, with some managers doling out everything from happy hours to summer Fridays to everything in between.

TikTok via North Valley Group

One real estate firm decided to poke fun at this notion in a now-viral TikTok skit that has been viewed over 10.4 million times.

In the video, disgruntled employees are seen talking at a table complaining about “being overworked and underpaid.”

Suddenly, “the boss” walks into the room with two boxes of Little Caesar’s Pizza and drops them on the table, holding out his arms proudly as the song “Hero” plays in the background.


And we ate it

♬ Hero (feat. Josey Scott) – Chad Kroeger

The video, which was created by California-based realtors North Valley Group, resonated with viewers who agreed that they, too, would’ve taken the pizza as compensation and have fallen victim to this tactic.

“$10 worth of pizza every 3 months will cure all the emotional scars and stress I swear,” one user joked.

“I’ll say right now, If I got minimum wage but every second work day boss buys pizza, this is now the BEST job,” another chimed in.

Even the creators of the video were in on it, captioning the video with a simple “And we ate it” alongside a disappointed face emoji.

According to Indeed, the average base salary for a realtor in the United States spanning less than one to over 10 years of experience is $98,537, which isn’t counting commission.

The median salary for U.S. workers in the second quarter of 2022 was $54,132.

The satirical nature of this video, of course, is poking fun at the decade-long trend of companies offering free food and ping-pong tables to keep workers working.

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