90 Day Fiancé Fans Slam Emily Bieberly as “Spoiled” & “Selfish” as She Prevents Kobe from Bonding With Son

Fans of 90 Day Fiancé aren’t singing Emily Bieberlys praises.

The 30-year-old’s fiancé, Kobe Blaise, a native of Cameroon, was unable to see his child until landing in the U.S. – two years after the birth. On the day of Kobe’s arrival, Emily wanted a romantic night alone with him (despite Kobe’s wish to see their son Koban for the first time).

In a later scene, when Kobe finally meets the boy, Emily criticizes the 34-year-old for playing with Koban’s feet. Then, she made Kobe sleep in a separate bed because there wasn’t enough room for herself and the toddler.

As the situation played out, fans took to Twitter to voice their anger and concern.

“Emily not wanting Kobe to bond with his son is bothering me,” wrote one viewer.

Another expressed, “You can most definitely tell Emily was one of those kids growing up who was never told no … She is rude, demanding, and controlling. Kobe just find you some running shoes.”

Others agreed Emily’s parents were part of the problem. “Emily is so out-of-control spoiled, beyond-the-pale empowered by her dad & mom.”

“She is the dominant force in this dysfunctional family,” said another. “They’re all under her selfish spell.”

One fan was displeased with the grandmother in particular: “Emily’s mom says she’s disappointed in Kobe. She should be disappointed in her lazy a** freeloader of a daughter.”

A different viewer created a meme regarding Emily’s hypocrisy:

Another viewer wrote, “The fact that she kept this man from his son so she could stay the night with him in a hotel and then has the audacity to kick him out of the bed at her house?? Unacceptable. She’s a monster.”

Will the couple stay together? Certain fans, it seems, are praying for their demise – and hope Kobe walks away. If this is the case, however, the father-of-one may be forced to return home.

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