Black Woman Creates Contactless Feminine Hygiene Dispenser

Black women are always creating products and services to shake up the world! Arion Long is one of them! The founder of Femly, a Black-owned organic feminine care company that delivers super-absorbent pads that are longer and more inclusive. Arion recently shared a video explaining how she created this machine to supply products after not getting the help she deserved, which went viral!


According to a 2019 interview with Forbes, the Morgan State University graduate detailed how she was inspired to create the products after being diagnosed with a reproductive illness related to chemicals in popular feminine care products! Arion’s medical issues, unfortunately, caused more heartache. In May of 2018, two years following her diagnosis, the entrepreneur lost her daughter, Sage, in a stillbirth delivery. She contracted E. coli sepsis during her hospital stay, which put her in a coma.


Through it all, Arion didn’t give up. Two weeks later, after getting off life support, she successfully pitched her idea for natural, chemical-free feminine hygiene products at Hera Fast Pitch DC. The competition designed for-profit startups to win cash prizes, allowing her to take home $10,000. Since then, Femly has helped change the lives of over 25,000 people, according to their website! Several Roommates were excited about Femly and wondered how they could get the contactless machine in their states. One commented, “Period! Now put one in every state cause lawdddddd.”


Currently, on Femly’s website, you can select the option to Nominate a restroom partner. It’s simple. You just fill out the brief questionnaire with basic contact info, and the company will do the rest, to work to stock restrooms with free hygiene products! Congrats, Arion. Keep elevating and making products for women! You go, girl!

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