Bob haircuts aren’t just for straight hair – here’s proof

For so many of us, our default image of bob haircuts is a blunt, straight style, very much in the image of Vidal Sassoon’s sleekly coiffed models of the 1960s. And as with a lot of haircuts that seem shaped with blown-out hair in mind, it can feel like an above-the-shoulder-bob isn’t an easy look to pull off. But as hairstylist Joseph Maine proves, curls can look incredible in this classic style when you (and your stylist) follow a few key tips.

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In a video created with Allure, Joseph walks through how to make bob haircuts work for curly hair. His model, Abby, starts off with middle-parted, shoulder-length hair, but Maine gives her what he calls one of the “trendiest cuts we’re gonna see” in 2022, a bob. “I’m gonna cut the line in before I diffuse her hair,” he says, clipping away some length on dry hair. “And then afterwards, once it’s really nice and bundled, I’m gonna go curl by curl and really polish this look.”

Once Abby’s hair is wet, Maine sprays Color Wow Dream Coat for Curly Hair all over, followed by applying Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie. These help define her curls as he “bundles” them — which is basically wrapping each curl around a heatless rod to help create a desired shape.

“I’m gonna use these little creaseless clips to go ahead and lift her roots up,” Maine says before using a blow dryer with its diffuser attachment. “I’m gonna start at the roots and allow the roots to get really nice and dry before moving through the rest of her hair.”

Once her hair is dry, Maine cuts a few more pieces to help shape the bob and gives her a fun, deep side part with lots of volume. Abby is beaming, and we would be, too — this opens up a whole new world of curly-hair possibilities. 

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