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“Breaking: AJ Lee’s Sensational WWE Comeback Teased! Exclusive Details on Cora Jade’s Twitter Challenge and the CM Punk Connection!”

The wrestling world is abuzz with excitement following AJ Lee CM Punk’s unexpected return to WWE at Survivor Series, sparking speculation about a possible comeback by his wife, AJ Lee. NXT star Cora Jade recently stirred the pot on Twitter, addressing ongoing issues with fellow NXT star Roxanne Perez and tagging AJ Lee, urging her to intervene.

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The Twitter exchange between Perez and Jade, revolving around CM Punk’s return, led to a discussion about who is most inspired by AJ Lee. Jade took the initiative to directly tag the former Divas Champion, encouraging her to step in. As of now, AJ Lee has not responded to the tweet, leaving fans curious about the potential for her WWE return, especially in the wake of CM Punk’s comeback.

AJ Lee

AJ  retired from WWE in April 2015 due to persistent back issues but has remained closely connected to the wrestling world. While serving as an executive producer for Women of Wrestling in recent years, she announced her departure from the position in August.

With AJ  potentially free from her executive role, speculation grows about her returning to WWE, possibly alongside CM Punk. This speculation gains momentum, especially if plans involve CM Punk entering a feud with Seth Rollins, considering Rollins’ strong reaction to Punk’s return at Survivor Series.

In this hypothetical scenario, Seth Rollins has the formidable Becky Lynch as backup, while CM Punk could call upon AJ , introducing an intriguing dynamic to the potential rivalry. The wrestling community eagerly awaits any developments regarding AJ  possible return to the ring.

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