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A Glimpse Inside Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s $14 Million Montecito Home


After stepping back from their royal duties and agreeing to make their own money, Meghan didn’t think that their current home was a reality—just yet.

“We didn’t have jobs, so we just were not going to come and see this house,” she shared. “It wasn’t possible. It’s like when I was younger and you’re window shopping —it’s like, ‘I don’t want to go and look at all the things that I can’t afford. That doesn’t feel good.'” But they did end up touring their estate and fell in love immediately. (As The Cut highlighted, their purchase came on the heels of their “reported $25 million Spotify deal and a reported $100 million Netflix deal.”)

“One of the first things my husband saw when we walked around the house was those two palm trees,” Meghan shared. “See how they’re connected at the bottom? He goes, ‘My love, it’s us.’  And now every day when Archie goes by us, he says, ‘Hi, Momma. Hi, Papa.'” 

Their home also serves at their work base since the pair run their foundation side by side out of their home office. As Harry shared, “Most people that I know and many of my family, they aren’t able to work and live together. It’s actually really weird because it’d seem like a lot of pressure. But it just feels natural and normal.”

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