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Eva Mendes Shares Ryan Gosling Is “An Incredible Cook” – E! Online

Teammates in the kitchen.

Eva Mendes revealed she and long-term partner Ryan Gosling split responsibilities when it comes to tackling household chores, admitting she’s total “kitchen freak.”

“Ryan’s the cook. He’s an incredible cook,” she told People in a profile published May 13. “I think that there’s a really nice balance to ‘you cook, I clean.’ And it just works for us.”

Confessing she’s also a bit of “control freak about the sink,” Eva, 48, said that she actually finds it therapeutic to tidy up the dishes.

“Life is so chaotic. But the one thing I can control is my house, my kitchen,” she shared. “So when I do the dishes it’s meditative for me. It really goes deeper than just cleaning up. It really gives me clarity. Clean sink equals clear mind for me.”

The Hitch star explained that growing up in a tiny apartment with lots of people made her appreciate when everything was in order.

“When the house was clean, it was like, ‘Hey, I just feel better,'” she shared. “Everybody felt better. So for me, it’s really emotional.” 

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