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Jana Kramer Explains Photo of Shirtless Mystery Man and What Happened With Jay Cutler – E! Online

On her podcast, the actress said, “I don’t want to be embarrassed again. Like, I was mortified with the stuff that came out with my ex and I,” Kramer said on her podcast “I tried to change the narrative, because I believed that we could’ve made it work. But I also, when it happened again, now I look like a frickin’ idiot. Now I look like a girl that should’ve left him a long time ago. But I did believe in someone that could change and I put forth the work, but at the time same time, I felt stupid. And I don’t want that to happen again.”

She continued, “It’s very strange when you go from something that was so toxic and so like, making you feel like you don’t deserve anything to like, someone who, to my knowledge, could be great. But it’s so scary, the next like, real relationship afterwards. That’s just like a very scary place to live when you’re not used to it.”

As for more accidental social media reveals, Kramer said, “There might be a reflection in a window sometimes, there might not. I don’t know.”

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