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Meghan Markle Addresses the Biggest Misconception About Her Amid All the “Noise” – E! Online

Meghan Markle is not letting anyone else’s views of her define who she is as a person.

While discussing how successful her podcast, Archetypes, has been at breaking down harmful stereotypes placed on women, the Duchess of Sussex revealed some of the biggest misconceptions that people have about her.

“I think that what happens, looking in from the outside, when there is this much noise, is that you become dehumanized,” she shared in an interview with Variety published Oct. 19. “But if you remember that someone is a human being, then you don’t treat them, talk about them, look at them the same way.”

Meghan said she hopes her podcast will have people thinking, “‘Oh! She’s a real person! She laughs and asks questions and approaches things with curiosity.'”

A lot of misconceptions came about for the former actress during her time as a member of the royal family. Though she and husband Prince Harry decided to leave that life behind across the pond in 2020, people still have their fallacies about the duchess and her family.

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