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Nicki Minaj Details Her “Fear and Anxiety” After Becoming a Mom – E! Online

Calling her son “the light of my world,” Nicki added that she was initially surprised by how the anxiety crept up on her.

“I think moms feel like they have to be perfect,” she shared. “I hate that I have more anxiety now because you’re like, ‘What if the one time I leave my child, I get that phone call?'”

So, does this mean she’s done with having more kids? Not quite.

“I do want to have more. Not at this moment, but I don’t want to deprive my son of siblings,” Nicki said. “Having siblings, it causes you to have problem management skills early on in life. I would feel guilty if I didn’t give Papa Bear another sibling or two.”

And if anyone knows a thing about the power of a squad, it’s the rap queen herself. After all, she teamed up with Pete DavidsonLil BabyKane Brown and NFL stars Jalen Ramsey and David Long Jr. for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II‘s new ad.

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