Feminist Dark Comedy ‘What She Said’ Trailer Starring Jenny Lester

Feminist Dark Comedy ‘What She Said’ Trailer Starring Jenny Lester

by Alex Billington
August 25, 2021
Source: YouTube

“So you’re mad that a bunch of people love you enough to show up and see you through something awful?” 1091 Pictures has released an official trailer for What She Said, a “feminist dark comedy” that is debuting on VOD next month. When Sam decides to drop the charges against her rapist, her friends and her siblings gather to stage a Thanksgiving intervention at her family’s remote cabin where she has run off to escape. It’s a “kitchen sink family drama with a black comedy heart” at its core, and the filmmakers ultimately wanted to tell “what’s hopefully a very human story about a deeply nuanced and often flawed woman and her messy, misstepping, well-meaning chosen family that raillies around her.” Starring Jenny Lester, Britt Michael Gordon, Paige Berkovitz, Juliana Jurenas, and Peter Evangelista. This seems like one of these films that doesn’t sound like it will be that good on paper, but as a film it’s actually something special to discover.

Here’s the official trailer (+ poster) for Amy Northup’s What She Said, direct from 1091’s YouTube:

What She Said Poster

PHD candidate, Sam (Jenny Lester), should be nearly finished with her dissertation. Instead, she’s spent the the last year in and out of court pursuing charges against her rapist. When she receives news that the trial is postponed yet again, Sam heads to her family’s remote cabin in the Virginia woods, effectively ghosting everyone in her life. A few days before Thanksgiving, Sam’s oasis is interrupted as her brother comes barging in with Sam’s closest friends in tow, to stage a pseudo-intervention and convince her to return to the city and finish out the trial. What She Said is directed by filmmaker Amy Northup, making her feature directorial debut with this; she also works an intimacy coordinator in the film & TV industry. The screenplay is written by Jenny Lester, who also stars in this. 1091 Pictures will release Northup’s What She Said direct-to-VOD starting on September 14th, 2021 coming soon. Visit the film’s official website.

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