First Teaser for French Film About the ‘Notre-Dame On Fire’ Incident

First Teaser for French Film About the ‘Notre-Dame On Fire’ Incident

by Alex Billington
December 21, 2021
Source: YouTube

“Be sure to use the fastest and surest channel. Your wait will seem long…” Pathe in France has revealed the first teaser trailer for a movie titled, in English, Notre-Dame On Fire – which is indeed a “blockbuster” about the Notre Dame fire in 2019. The French title is, amusingly, just Notre-Dame Brûle and it’s supposed to tell a story “from inside the Notre-Dame de Paris fire of April 2019.” The film retraces how heroic men & women firefighters put their lives on the line to accomplish an awe-inspiring rescue. The movie’s ensemble cast features Samuel Labarthe, Jean-Paul Bordes, Mikael Chirinian, Jérémie Laheurte, Chloé Jouannet, and Pierre Lottin. Don’t dismiss this one too soon! It’s made by the same director as Seven Years in Tibet and Enemy at the Gates, so he certainly knows how to make a good movie. Yeah this looks excruciatingly cheesy, but hey, Hollywood makes disaster films like this all the time so why not. Take a look.

Here’s the first teaser trailer for Jean-Jacques Annaud’s Notre-Dame On Fire, direct from YouTube:

Notre-Dame On Fire Movie

Notre Dame On Fire offers a blow-by-blow recreation of the gripping events that took place on April 15, 2019, when the famous Parisian cathedral suffered the biggest blaze in its history. The film retraces how heroic men and women put their lives on the line to accomplish an awe-inspiring rescue. Notre-Dame On Fire, originally known as Notre-Dame Brûle in French, is directed by prominent French filmmaker Jean-Jacques Annaud, director of many films including Hothead, Quest for Fire, The Name of the Rose, The Bear, The Lover, Wings of Courage, Seven Years in Tibet, Enemy at the Gates, Two Brothers, His Majesty Minor, Day of the Falcon, and Wolf Totem previously. The screenplay is written by Jean-Jacques Annaud and Thomas Bidegain. It’s produced by Jérôme Seydoux. Notre-Dame Brûle is set to open in France starting March 2022 coming up. No US release date has been set – stay tuned. First impression? Who’s interested?

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