First Trailer for ‘Asteroid Rush’ Doc Series About Secrets of Asteroids

First Trailer for ‘Asteroid Rush’ Doc Series About Secrets of Asteroids

by Alex Billington
May 19, 2022
Source: YouTube

“If we really want to understand these asteroids, we have to go up and see them.” Sure let’s take a visit! I want to go! Curiosity Stream has unveiled an official trailer for a series called Asteroid Rush, a two-part doc special about asteroids. It’s described as: “This is the real science behind the hit film, Don’t Look Up. Discover the incredible secrets of the biggest asteroids that could hit our planet.” The two part special lands in June streaming on this new digital service – “dive deep into science, history, technology, nature, health and more.” The series examines asteroids, where they come from, how many are out there, how much of a threat they really are, as well as the many ideas that have been proposed to deal with them – from deflection to mining and more. It’s pretty much just a very nerdy science TV series – sounds good. Between Greenland and Don’t Look Up, asteroids (and/or comets) have been showing up in sci-fi movies often recently. Enjoy.

Here’s the official trailer for Curiosity Stream’s doc series Asteroid Rush, direct from YouTube:

Asteroid Rush

Every day, hundreds of asteroids fall towards Earth. Small asteroids cause no harm, but large asteroids can have major consequences. There is no doubt that a killer asteroid will one day cross paths with the Earth… and that we will need to be ready to act. Knowing this threat is coming, the world’s space agencies have set up specialist departments for detecting and exploring asteroids. For the first time in history, they are even planning on changing an asteroid’s orbit to protect the planet. Will we be able to avoid global catastrophe? The countdown has begun. Asteroid Rush is a two-part doc series made for Curiosity Stream. It’s directed by French filmmakers Jacques Bedel and Bertrand Loyer, both of “Life on Fire” previously. It’s produced by St. Thomas Productions for Curiosity; executive produced by Jorge Franzini. The Asteroid Rush series will debut for streaming on Curioisty Stream starting June 9th, 2022 this summer. Who’s in?

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