Georgia Guidestones Blown To Rubble, Police Investigation Underway – Video

The mysterious Georgia Guidestones, the subject of numerous film and TV explorations and sometimes referred to as “American’s Stonehenge,” were blown to bits by an explosion this morning.

The stone monuments, located in a rural area near Elberton, Georgia, were largely taken down by a detonation early this morning. Authorities are blaming “unknown individuals” for the vandalism. The remaining parts of the monument were subsequently destroyed by authorities, who cited “safety reasons.”

The stones were built more than four decades ago under mysterious circumstances. They purport to have a formula for humanity’s survival. No one has ever claimed direct credit for the erection of the four granite slabs, which are connected to a center pillar with a capstone on top.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation released surveillance video that captured the explosion. A car can be seen leaving the scene in one video.

The granite slabs display a 10-part message espousing the conservation of mankind and future generations in 12 languages.

The mystery surrounding the stones has led some to posit that they are a call to reduce the human population, fueled by an admonition to keep the planet’s population below 500 million.

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