Late Night Political Comedians Trevor Noah, Seth Meyers Mine Comedy Gold From The Ashes Of Defeat

The polls are closed, the votes are (mostly) counted, and the 2021 elections are in the book. Which means that the only things left to parse were the reactions from late night’s political comedians, who had to grit their teeth and wring laughs out of the raw numbers.

First up was Trevor Noah, who likened the “Demopocalypse” to the Game of Thrones infamous “Red Wedding” episode. Spoiler: it doesn’t end well for some of the GoT guests.

Noah covered the Minneapolis vote on whether to replace its police department. He lamented that those seeking opinions from the black community always go to one place – the barbershop, and not the grocery store or other establishments.

Not to be outdone, Seth Meyers likened the election to a mom’s “chicken or fish” decision at the Olive Garden. He also noted that losing Democratic candidate for Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe needs to take dancing lessons from a certain ex-president. Watch below for details.


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