Lil Nas X & Nike’s New SATAN SNEAKERS; 666 Pairs; Real Human Blood!!

Rapper Lil Nas X – who has a huge child fan base – nearly broke the internet yesterday when his new video showed the rapper giving a gay lap dance to Satan.

Now, MTO News has learned, Lil Nas X appears to be doubling down on his new “Satanic” image.

According to the popular sneaker website SAINT, Lil Nas X is teaming up with MSCHF and Nike to launch his new “Satan Shoes.” The company will only create 666 pairs of the limited edition sneaker, which has a satanic pentagram charm on it. And according to Saint, each sneaker will contain “one drop of human blood” inside it.

Inside the shoe box – shown on the SAINT website – is the phrase “Better the Reign In Hell Than To Serve In Heaven.”



The shoes also carry a bible verse on it, Luke 10:18. Here’s what the verse means:

And He said to them, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.

Lil Nas X was reportedly wearing the new shoes in his new video Montero, MTO News has uncovered.

It’s not clear whether Lil Nas X is trolling, or whether he’s truly a Satanist. But the child-friendly rapper has a lot of people – especially Christian parents – concerned by his new stance.

Here’s proof:

Lil Nas X is known as one of the most child-friendly rapper in the world. He’s appeared on Disney shows and even performed at the Kids Choice Awards.

Last December, Lil Nas X performed the first ever Roblox concert, where 33 million children (average age under 10) attended the now apparently Satanic rapper’s event.

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