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10 Best LGBTQ+ TV Couples In TV History, According To Ranker

From scarce representation in the past, today’s society has seen a growth in acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community with shows like Heartstopper illustrating the changes that have been made throughout the years. History has been made in society allowing shows to embrace same-sex relationships and portray them with the love and respect they deserve.

The people of Ranker have looked throughout all of TV history and have voted on the top LGBTQ couple. The voters made the decisions based on on-screen chemistry and the representation through these relationships.


10 Clarke And Lexa (The 100)

Clarke and Lexa stare into each other eyes

In The 100, Clarke arrived on earth with 99 others to reinhabit the planet. Lexa was the leader of those who remained on earth known as the coalition. Their own group leaders would start off as enemies until banding together against a common enemy. They would eventually align the groups as they would slowly come to bond with each other.

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The pair grew by learning lessons from each other. Lexa closed off her emotions until Clark taught her to embrace them. Lexa always looked to protect Clarke even when Clarke hated her. They were both warriors that had each other’s backs even if it hurt their relationship with their own people.

9 Stef And Lena (The Fosters)

Stef and Lena lay in bed together

The Fosters is a show of a blended family learning to grow and rely on each other. Together, Stef and Lena adopted twins Jesus and Mariana and raised them alongside Stef’s biological son to complete their family.

Lena gave Stef the courage to come out as a lesbian to her friends and ex-husband and raise a family with her. They went through struggles together but never let that separate their relationship. When at risk of losing the house, they file for divorce as a ploy to save it, showing the lengths they would go to for their family. Their teamwork and communication are proof that they would let nothing stand in their way.

8 Mitch And Cam (Modern Family)

Mitch and cam on lilys birthday - modern family

Despite the jaw-dropping betrayals between Mitch and Cam, the two have a special bond. The pair balance each other out as Mitch is calm and mild-mannered while Cam is more energetic and flamboyant.

They were a perfect example of a real-life modern family as they would drive each other insane while simultaneously going to the moon and back for each other. Throughout Modern Family‘s 11-season run, Cam and Mitch have always brought joy to the audience by enjoying their time with each other no matter how crazy life is from time to time.

7 Brittany And Satana (Glee)

Brittany and Santana get married

Glee was full of high school drama with each character going through their own unique problems. The show expressed how sexuality plays a role in coming of age, and primarily uses Brittany and Santana, along with Kurt and Blaine, to illustrate this.

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What started off as a secret would slowly become a relationship for all to see. Most LGBTQ+ relationships (especially those in high school) start off behind closed doors until slowly blooming into a relationship where both people are happy and proud, so Santana and Brittany’s romance is one that many members of the LGBTQ+ community relate to.

6 Connor And Oliver (How To Get Away With Murder)

How to Get Away With Murder is a mystery where every character is hiding something from others, no matter how romantically involved they are – and this was certainly the case for Connor and Oliver. Connor ended up meeting the love of his life while trying to seduce him for a case. Oliver falls just as hard as their relationship started off as toxic and addicting for him.

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Fans got to see the evolution of Connor from a person who’s addicted to sex whose against having a boyfriend to the one that happily proposes. Oliver is the one that helps him keep a straight line and break free of his addictions. Whether the problem is drugs, HIV, or jail time, they would always rush to each other’s side.

5 Marceline And Princess Bubblegum (Adventure Time)

Bubblegum and Marceline enjoy coco together

Adventure Time is an animated series that deserves a movie, in no small part thanks to the relationship between Marceline and Princess Bubblegum. When they first shared the screen together at the start of the series, they didn’t like each other so much. It wasn’t revealed until later the two had a relationship together that would eventually be seen on the show.

Princess Bubblegum’s brains and penchant for order fit well with Marceline’s carefree personality. It was positive to see a kid’s show with LGBTQ+ representation giving more significance to their relationship, their standalone Adventure Time: Distant Lands episode, and the kiss that they shared on TV.

4 Ray And Kevin (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)

Captain Holt and his husband Kevin on Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Ray Holt is the commanding officer of the 99th police precinct that leads over detective Jake Peralta and the rest of the department in Brooklyn Nine-Nine. While Captain Holt’s sexuality is established in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, it’s never played for laughs or considered the main aspect of Holt’s character – instead, it’s just another part of who he is.

Ray tries to keep his work life separate from his home life as he once faced discrimination in the workplace for his sexuality. His husband, Kevin, doesn’t like cops because he sees that they don’t love and respect his husband the same way he does. Together they are the dads of the corgi Chedder and the precinct.

3 David And Patrick (Schitt’s Creek)

Schitt's Creek David singing Simply the Best to Patrick

In a sitcom about a wealthy couple that loses it all, their son David ends up gaining it all by finding love through Patrick. As David went on to start a business in Schitt’s Creek, he had Patrick to assist him with what would be the start of many “firsts” for the couple.

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Patrick is the perfect boyfriend and husband material as he gives it all to satisfy David. David can be hysterical and frantic at times, but when he is with Patrick, he feels happiness like he has never felt before. The pair certainly won fans hearts over the course of their relationship.

2 TK And Carlos (9-1-1: Lone Stars)

Carlos holds TK tight

TK and Carlos’ relationship started off as just a hookup but the two couldn’t deny their chemistry. TK moved to Texas to restart his life, he eventually settled down, became a paramedic, and started a relationship with Officer Carlos.

Carlos helps brings out the likability in the main character TK. TK has issues and fears that he looks to overcome and is able to do so through the help of his boyfriend. Moments of heartbreak such as TK being captured or when their house burned down, it doesn’t stop them from holding each other tighter throughout the series.

1 Ian And Mickey (Shameless)

Ian and Mickey Shameless

“Gallavich” may have started as a toxic relationship in Shameless, but it would eventually grow into one reminiscent of a stereotypical old married couple. Mickey and Ian, two of the best characters in Shameless, both grew up in dysfunctional families where they had to break the rules from time to time to do what it takes to survive on the streets. Growing up with a homophobic dad, Mickey would go against his father and come out as gay to the surprise of his future husband Ian.

Like any other couple, there were times they wanted to kill each other but they always had each other’s best interest in mind. From the time in jail together to the end where they buy their own house together, they fight against the world and their own personal issues together as a team. Even when they can’t agree completely, like in any great relationship, they always have each other’s backs.

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