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10 Best Shows Like Claws

With a cast lead by Niecy Nash, Claws has drawn critical and public acclaim for its darkly comic take on organized crime. Five manicurists serve as the protagonists of the show as they launder money within the male-dominated crime world, eventually cementing their place in their own criminal empire.

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Fans of Claws would definitely be interested in crime dramas and dark comedies. As Claws focuses on teamwork among professionals in the same field, shows with similar core themes and values would again pique the interest of Claws viewers. With its fourth and final season airing last December, the show’s viewership can transition to these other options.


Superstore (2016-2021)

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Superstore cast sitting on a coach in Cloud 9 watching a video

A workplace comedy with hilarious moments, Superstore deals with the staff of its titular location as they engage in chaotic encounters with all kinds of customers. With enough shows set in conventional offices, Superstore offers a fresh take on the genre with an ordinary-looking superstore serving as a site of everyday misadventures.

The friendly banter among the Cloud 9 store’s staff is reminiscent of the friendliness of the crew at Manatee County Salon in Claws. They might not get along well in every decision but they have each other’s back at the end of the day.

When They See Us (2019)

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Niecy Nash sitting on a table in When They See Us

Director Ava DuVernay’s powerful miniseries When They See Us is inspired by the shockingly true story of four African-American boys who were unlawfully arrested for the sexual assault of a white woman. The series not only covers the trials and tribulations of the boys but also their grieving families.

While Niecy Nash has dabbled in lighter roles, When They See Us unleashed her dramatic potential to the maximum. Her Emmy-nominated performance as Delores Wise is a must-watch for all those who liked her screen presence on Claws. The miniseries only goes on to show the actress’ sheer versatility in multiple genres.

Weeds (2005-2012)

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Nancy sitting in her backyard in Weeds

When a recently-widowed mother of two starts selling marijuana to support her children, she realizes her own potential in the drug business. What follows is a journey to carve her own drug empire. As the family grows, their illegal activities make for some fine satirical humor.

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In terms of the premise, Weeds is quite similar to Claws. Both shows deal with everyday people turning towards an easier and wealthier life while walking on a crime-driven path. The consequences of these crimes also add to the dark humor overtones in both cases.

Animal Kingdom (2016-)

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Based on the Australian crime thriller movie of the same name, Animal Kingdom starts off with a 17-year-old boy who moves with his extended family after the death of his mother. To his surprise, he finds out that his close ones lead a life of crime and violence. Now, it is up to him to steer away or to cement his own place in his family’s criminal operations.

The family drama that goes on behind all the crime is what forms the crux of Animal Kingdom, humanizing its characters. Those who loved the character arcs of each of the manicurists in Claws would appreciate the dysfunctional life of the dangerous and unpredictable characters of Animal Kingdom.

Ozark (2017-)

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Netflix’s Ozark deals with a husband-wife duo who become a part of the local crime circles in the Ozarks. As their children are also dragged into their shady double life, the Byrde family must confront bigger challenges at hand including a money-laundering conspiracy and a Mexican druglord’s business.

Just like Claws, Ozark and its main characters show how seemingly innocent people can also go down a dark rabbit hole of crime. And once they are down the hole, it becomes a tedious task to get out of it and lead a peaceful life.

Boss Nails (2015)

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Dana Cody sitting in Boss Nails

A reality show starring pro-manicurist Dana Cody, each episode of Boss Nails deals with the everyday affairs of Cody’s Tippie Toes Beauty Lounge in Miami. Known for their unique and customized nail art, Cody and her staff put a lot of effort into maintaining the Lounge’s reputation.

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Even though Boss Nails ran for only one season, it is a must-watch for fans of manicure and the work that goes behind it. The series can run as a companion piece to Claws which again deals with the daily affairs of manicurists at the Florida-based Nail Artisans Salon.

Good Girls (2018-2021)

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Annie, Beth, and Ruby looking worried in the garage in Good Girls

Three suburban moms realize that they have some serious criminal potential after they orchestrate a robbery to get out of their average, miserable lives. This one heist leads them to a road of even more heists and the troubles that come along with it. And, of course, the protagonists continue facing familial troubles at the same time. Even though the female-led show was canceled too soon, Good Girls continues to entertain a dedicated fanbase.

Be it the humor or the narrative, Good Girls is the closest a show can get to Claws. In both cases, the unlikely criminals simultaneously deal with their average problems along with some not-so-average crime-related tussles.

Power (2014-2020)

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While there are enough shows on ordinary people turning towards crime, Power deals with drug dealer James St. Patrick who actually wishes to give up his life of crime and start a legitimate business instead. However, getting out of his current pursuits proves to be quite a difficult task for St. Patrick who must counter not only the legal authorities but also his own untrustworthy associates.

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Power might not be as humorous as Claws but the show still shares similar themes when it comes to crime and redemption.

Scrubs (2001-2010)

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Pic of Carla from Scrubs smiling and looking off camera.

A medical comedy centering upon a group of hospital interns, Scrubs proved to be an unconventional comedy for its daydream vignettes. The show is mostly narrated from the perspective of the intern-turned-doctor JD that proved to be one of Zach Braff’s best roles. On his road to medical greatness, he often makes up imaginary scenarios that involve his equally hopeless peers.

Scrubs is a perfect watch if one is looking for an ensemble-driven sitcom like Claws. However, another reason to check out Scrubs is that Claws star Judy Reyes got her major start with the show in which she played Carla Espinosa. The head nurse of the hospital, Espinosa proved to be a fan-favorite just like Reyes’ Character Annalise Zayas in Claws.

Motherland: Fort Salem (2020-)

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Claws showrunner Eric Laurence is also known as the creator of Motherland: Fort Salem, a fantasy drama with quite a unique premise. In a future where witches and humans coexist peacefully, three witches are conscripted in the US Army with the freedom to use magic in military warfare. With a human resistance group targeting the witches, chaos ensues between the two forces.

The show is not related to Claws thematically but Laurence’s vision shows the multi-genre versatility that he holds as a screenwriter. From the manicurist criminals of Claws to the witch soldiers of Motherland, Laurence does show great potential for his future shows.

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