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10 Most Underrated Pokémon From The Unova Region

Pokémon‘s Generation V is one of the most controversial in the franchise. The Unova region introduced more new Pocket Monsters than any other generation, and the sheer number of new creatures guaranteed that some would be more popular than others. BlackWhiteBlack 2, and White 2 feature Pokémon like Darmanitan and Hydreigon, but they also feature some Pokémon that have not gotten the attention they deserve.

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This lack is usually because of the Pocket Monster’s design, but it could also be due to its perceived strength. Regardless of the reason, the small but loyal fanbases of certain Pokémon would love to see them receive more positive attention moving forward.

10 Beheeyem

Leon's Beheeyem prepares to attack in the Pokemon anime

At first glance, Beheeyem may appear underwhelming. As a pure Psychic-type, it has to compete with a multitude of other extremely powerful Pokémon of this type. While it is certainly not the best of its type, it is still able to compete in a playthrough. Its defensive stats are not exceptional, but they are also not terrible.

Beheeyem rarely moves before opponents, but this is often to its benefit if it has Analytic. This Hidden Ability buffs Beheeyem’s attacks if it moves last in combat. Paired with Beheeyem’s excellent Special Attack stat, it can be a powerhouse as long as it survives an initial hit.

9 Unfezant

Split image of female and male Unfezant

Generation V often gets a bad reputation for having too simplistic of designs. Unfezant is one of the Pokémon that receives this criticism from a lot of players, leading it to be forced into the background. Many fans may even forget that Ash caught one in the anime.

Despite existing in relative obscurity, Unfezant is better in battle than many realize. Its Special Defense is low, which can be an issue, but with its sizable Speed stat, it often moves before opponents. In addition, Unfezant can do a great deal of damage using its high Attack stat, so as long as it has a good move-set, this Pokémon can be more than capable in a playthrough.

8 Vanilluxe

Ice Cream Pokemon Vanilluxe Hated Bad Design Controversy Why Explained

Many fans believe Vanilluxe’s design is uninspired, and they choose to immediately dismiss it. When it comes to Ice-types, though, Vanilluxe can be fantastic in a playthrough. Its bulk is more than decent, and its Special Attack, while not exceptional, can give it the power to take down a variety of foes.

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In Generation VII, Vanilluxe received Snow Warning as an Ability option. This Ability activates hail when Vanilluxe enters the battle. Hail allows Blizzard, a powerful but often inaccurate Special Ice-type attack, to never miss, barring specific circumstances. Even before Generation VII, though, Vanilluxe could help players dominate much of a playthrough.

7 Fully Evolved Elemental Monkeys

Split image of Simisage, Simisear, and Simipour

Simisage, Simisear, and Simipour are three of the most disliked Pokémon from Unova. Many find their designs to be silly and otherwise not aesthetically appealing in general. As a result, a large portion of the player base tries to forget about the elemental monkeys despite their battling capabilities.

While they are not game-changing, they are reasonably strong, and Simisear even ranks among the strongest pure Fire-type Pokémon in the franchise. All three share the same stat spread, which includes a fairly high Speed stat and capable Attack and Special Attack. Their defensive stats and HP are less impressive, but they are stronger than their reputation indicates.

6 Klinklang


As with Unfezant, many players criticize Klinklang for being too simplistic, dismissing it in favor of other Unova Pokémon. In battle, it is a bit of a mixed bag. Its HP is only decent, but its defensive stats help to compensate for this to a degree. This is especially true of the Physical side, which is actually quite good.

Having an uncommon pure Steel-typing, Klinklang boasts ten resistances while only being weak to three types. Using its good Attack stat, Klinklang can be viable offensively as well. Whether or not its concept is interesting or not, Klinklang can be a valuable member of a team.

5 Carracosta

Two wild Carracosta roaring in the Pokémon anime

The Water/Rock-type Carracosta is in a complicated position. Its Special Defense is underwhelming, which is one of the reasons it is not one of the strongest Fossil Pokémon in the franchise. As a result, many players tend to forget it. Despite its Special Defense, though, Carracosta can be quite viable in a playthrough.

If it has Solid Rock as its Ability, Carracosta takes reduced damage from super-effective moves, which is very helpful because of its extreme vulnerability to Grass-type attacks. Along with this, it has an excellent Defense stat and reasonable offensive stats. It is not the best of the Fossil Pokémon, but it is more usable than many may think.

4 Alomomola

Alomomola jumps out of the water in the Pokemon anime

Many players find Alomomola to be unimpressive, and this is fair due to its low offensive and defensive stats. The feature that makes Alomomola more viable than many expect, though, is its HP stat. This exceptional stat keeps Alomomola in battles for an extensive amount of time, and if it has Regenerator, it is even more usable. This Hidden Ability restores a third of the Pokémon’s maximum health when trainers switch it out, and for Alomomola, a third of its maximum HP is a decent chunk.

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This tactic may lose its value as battles continue and the other team members faint, but it is certainly helpful for a portion. Alomomola does little offensively, but it can serve as a reliable tank in a playthrough.

3 Druddigon

Druddigon from Pokemon in flight

As intimidating as Druddigon’s physical build makes it, many players do not like its color palette, believing the stark contrast between the red, blue, and yellow is not aesthetically appealing. Druddigon does not receive a chance from many trainers, who choose to go with other Dragon-types. While Druddigon is not the best of its often overpowered type, its Attack stat is high, allowing it to defeat many opponents with ease.

Most of the attacks it can learn from leveling up are Physical, which benefit from its Attack stat. Defensively, it is also capable. Regardless of how players feel about Druddigon’s design, it is clear that it should not exist in the background.

2 Garbodor

Garbodor from Pokemon

Modeled after literal garbage, it is no wonder why Garbodor has not received as much positive attention as many other Pokémon from Unova. It also did not help that in Generation VIII, it received what is often considered one of the worst designed Gigantamax forms in Sword & Shield.

Stat-wise, Garbodor is not incredible, but it is not as terrible as its design may suggest. Its Speed is only decent, but its bulk is capable of allowing it to withstand solid damage. Also, its Attack is high enough to make it a reasonable competitor. In addition, as a pure Poison-type, it only has two type weaknesses, which helps it to be a reliable member of a team.

1 Lilligant

Mona's Lilligant (AKA Lilligantette) balancing in the Pokemon anime

Pure Grass-types are in a difficult position in general due to their five type weaknesses. Lilligant is no different and paired with the fact that its stats are not extraordinary, it does not receive much attention from the general fanbase. While other pure Grass-types may receive more praise for their stats, Lilligant’s are not low enough to be ignored.

With decent Speed and a good Special Attack stat, Lilligant can strike quickly and forcefully. It can also learn some excellent Special Grass-type attacks, though many of these did not enter its level-up move pool until Generation VIII. Its HP and defensive stats are not as great as those of some others, but if Lilligant can unleash a powerful attack before its opponent, these stats become less necessary for it to succeed.

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Split image of Comfey and Xerneas

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