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15 Best Quotes From Ghost Of Tsushima

Content Warning: this article contains plot spoilers for the game Ghost of Tsushima.

With its wonderful graphics, awesome fighting sequences, and engaging storyline, Ghost of Tsushima has taken the gaming world by storm. However, it isn’t just the gameplay that fans love, but the things some of the characters say that leave either chills or laughter, or even tears after hearing them. Ghost of Tsushima is a Playstation 4 exclusive that has captured the hearts of gamers everywhere. Gamers play as a Samurai in search of his family while trying to protect Tsushima Island during the first Mongol invasion of Japan.


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Whilst it looks good, this game has some of the most jaw-dropping and respectful quotes most fans have ever seen. It takes the culture behind the story and the traditions that Samurais uphold and follows them like a strict rule, allowing the storyline to elaborate on how this invasion was met and the reasoning behind it. Leaving some unbelievable quotes in its wake. Whilst some of these quotes are funny, many of them gave fans and players chills as they heard them, showing how fully immersive this game actually is.

Updated on December 17th, 2021, by Hannah Saab: Ghost of Tsushima’s growing fanbase continues to praise the open-world RPG for its striking visuals and fun gameplay, while also repeating and discussing memorable quotes from the game. With the Director’s Cut drawing more players into Jin’s challenging journey, it’s the perfect time to look back at more well-written and powerful lines from the title’s remarkable characters.

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Khotun Khan Looks Out For His Brothers

“My Horse Died So I Fed It To My Brothers.”

Khotun Khan may be among the hardest bosses in the game, but he is the typical villain, intent on destroying innocent people’s lives and families. However, after hearing his line about his horse dying. players realize that this villain is so much more than just a violent power-hungry leader. Khan is a brutish man with an extremely intelligent disposition, yet he still ends up coming out with the creepiest statements at some points.

His horrific horse quote is certainly one of them. It leaves a slight chill down one’s spine when players hear it for the first time and they really get a sense of how horrific this man is.

Jin Sakai Gives Some Good Advice

“Careful Temuge, You Can’t Get Khotun’s Reward If You’re Dead.”

It’s more about the way Jin says his line about “Khotun’s reward” than its funny factor that makes it one to remember. The build-up of the General Temuge boss fight is enough to get the players’ blood pumping so when Jin challenges his opponent with such a calm and collected stature, fans gain so much more respect for this badass character.

This line is said with such a calm and badass tone that leaves the player smiling and feeling more optimistic about their success, no matter how much they are struggling or concentrating. Due to the timing and the tone, this quote is one that sticks with players.

An Unpleasant Peasant

“Go Choke On A Riceball, Kenji.”

kenji in ghost of tsushima

One of the most unforgettable lines from the game happens to be a one-off from an NPC who’s unsurprisingly annoyed by another scheme by Kenji. NPCs are totally wasted characters in Tsushima, but the meme-able “riceball” line has at least underscored how much thought went into even the smallest comments like these in the title.

Since Kenji is a sly, often reckless character who messes up in comical ways, it’s not shocking to hear a fellow peasant berate him about his unsuccessful swindling of the Mongols. He sometimes has good intentions, but just doesn’t have the best execution.

Sensei Sadanobu Ishikawa Tells It Like It Is

“Only A Child Expects Perfection Of His Elders.”

ishikawa in ghost of tsushima

Sensei Ishikawa is a complex character who’s more interesting than he first seems. Although his backstory may not be as tragic as the tear-jerking pasts of other companions, his personality and the way it relates to his upbringing and principles is fascinating, to say the least.

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He can be abrasive towards Jin, often using the tough love approach to correct what he thinks are mistakes. His line about a child expecting perfection is emblematic of the overarching divide between traditional Samurai and warriors like Jin in the game.

Jin Sakai Delivers A Tear-Jerking Line

“I Will Make Sure You Are Remembered, As A Great Warrior… A Wise Leader… And A Father.”

One of the hardest things Jin has to do comes towards the end of the game. If the player chooses to kill Lord Shimura, they will be met with a tear-jerking line. Now, deciding if Jin’s uncle should live or die is a tough enough decision on its own, so this really puts the cherry on the cake. Nevertheless, the player will see this act as a sort of mercy, granting Lord Shimura the warrior’s death he desired.

After choosing, Lord Shimura goes on to thank Jin for everything he has done which just shatters players’ hearts into a million pieces. The mixture of sadness and respect for Lord Shimura caused this line to be much more powerful than people think.

Jin Sakai & Sensei Sadanobu Ishikawa Get Real

“Not Everyone Can Be A Samurai.” “But We’re All Killers.”

Sensei Ishikawa’s line about being a Samurai teaches the player about the decisions they end up making on their journey to defeat Khan. In Ghost Of Tsushima, the player must make a series of decisions on their journey which helps dictate the way the story progresses as well as what kind of Samurai they will become.

Whilst it isn’t one of those games where it drastically changes the narrative, it’s still worth having a reminder to help put the journey into perspective. Nevertheless, Sensei Ishikawa’s line has a pretty strong impact on both Jin and the player.

Lord Shimura & Jin Sakai On Honor

“I Trained You To Fight With Honor!” “Honor Died On The Beach!”

The tense exchange between Jin and Lord Shimura was seen in one of the first promo trailers when Ghost Of Tsushima was announced – the relationship between the two characters is one of the first things fans learned about Tsushima. For many fans, it was actually the line that convinced them to play and they’ve never looked back.

Most of this game is about honor and how Samurais respect it and deal with it, so for it to be thrown away so quickly in such a ferocious battle is both shocking and somewhat funny, too. It gives a wonderful insight into the games’ future and made many excited to play.

Lord Shimura & Jin Sakai Have Different Approaches

“You Have No Honor.” “And You Are A Slave To It.”

Honor comes up a lot in the game. Many characters talk about respect, tradition, and honor which are all things that Samurai follow closely, however, this game challenges that and argues that many follow their own honor to the point of stubbornness. Many are too driven by their honor to see the reality of their actions.

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This is the case with Jin and Lord Shimura as they are quite the opposite when it comes to dealing with honor. This line causes the players to think more about the history behind the game as well as learn more about how Samurai actually work.

Yuriko On Humility

“The Proud Do Not Endure. The Greatest Of Us Fall In The End.”

Fans have a moment of realization with Yuriko, as Jin is met with the notion that all must fall in the end. Whilst it can be seen as empowering since it means that Khan will eventually fall, it also forces the player to realize that Jin is not immortal and that he could easily fail his mission.

The player can just respawn but at that point, the game is so immersive that most forget about the mechanics and just delve into the beauty of the words being spoken to them.

Yuriko On Strength

“The Strength We Need Is All Around Us.”

Another set of wise words from Yuriko is about finding strength, but it isn’t just about what is being spoken but also the scenery the player is surrounded with at that moment.

“All that immovable rock yields to water. The strength we need is all around us.” In saying this, Yuriko provides a sense of power to Jin, she explains that it isn’t always brute force or lengthy training but discipline and intuition that allows a warrior to succeed. True to the game’s style, it proves that everything can be achieved in multiple ways.

Jin Sakai On Inner Demons

“Desperation Can Bring Out The Demon In The Best Of Men.”

Ghost of Tsushima E3 poster

A large part of what makes Jin’s story arc so compelling is the way he struggles with his identity throughout his journey, but one thing is certain through it all – he would never side with the invaders. This is what makes Ryuzo’s betrayal so painful for the protagonist, as after losing more than half of the Straw Hats, his former friend decides it’s better to join than to fight the Mongols.

Ryuzo’s “desperation” brought “out the demon” in him, as he turned on his people and his closest ally for the sake of food and shelter, which Jin was working to provide anyway.

Lord Shimura On Balance

“A Samurai Knows How To Apply The Right Amount Of Force – Too Little And You Lose Respect, Too Much And You Lose Opportunity.”

Lord Shimura surrounded by leaves in Ghost of Tsushima.

Lord Shimura always provides meaningful lines but the one about applying “the right amount of force” really stands out. It’s the one that people remember and take in because it again analyzes the way of the Samurai and shows that sometimes force needs to be managed, along with respect and honor.

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Lord Shimura elaborates the way of the Samurai and explains something that both Jin and the player need to learn, causing both to have an increased sense of respect and admiration of this wise and truthful man.

Lord Shimura Faces The End

“We End This, Together.”

Ghost of Tsushima Jin vs Lord Shimura

The relationship that truly cements Tsushima as a game with a great narrative is that between Lord Shimura and Jin. As his father figure, Shimura has always been supportive of orphaned Jin, teaching him the traditional ways of the Samurai.

Little does Shimura know that his statement about ending the Mongols will later become about his own complicated relationship with Jin. In a heartbreaking battle between the two, Shimura is obviously hurt but nevertheless feels certain about what he has to do for the sake of his principles.

Khotun Khan Is A Formidable Foe

“Do You Wanna Know How I Was Prepared For Today? I Learned. I Know Your Language. Your Traditions. Your Beliefs. Which Village To Tame And Which To Burn.”

From the beginning of the game, the player is met with an incredible cutscene to introduce Khotun Khan and his powerful line just instantly throws people into a state of anger, fear, and a desire to kill this evil man.

This is why it is one of the most memorable and best quotes in the game because, in one line, it defines the enemy players will be facing and shows how much of a threat he actually is to so many innocent lives. It undeniably sends chills down anyone’s spine when they first hear it.

Jin Sakai Accepts His Identity

“I Am Not Your Son. I Am The Ghost.”

Ghost Of Tsushima Directors Cut Ending Continuity Shimura Death

Jin’s main struggle throughout the game is obviously ridding Tsushima of the Mongols, but as he does this, a more personal, arguably harder battle unfolds within him. He slowly realizes that the things he has learned about the honor Samurais must always have from Lord Shimura will hurt his efforts against enemies who don’t care about such values.

The most painful decision Jin has to make is the one where he accepts his identity as the Ghost and separates himself from his father figure’s teachings, even if it means having to kill Shimura. It’s a defining moment that highlights the character’s growth throughout the game, which has given him the strength to own his title and his newfound beliefs.

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