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Alien: Isolation Mobile Release Brings Classic Horror To iOS, Android

Developer Feral Interactive is bringing acclaimed survival horror game Alien: Isolation to Android and iOS devices later this year on December 16.

On December 16, award-winning survival horror game Alien: Isolation will creep onto Android and iOS devices with a mobile release helmed by developer Feral Interactive. Creative Assembly and Sega first launched the title on consoles and PC in 2014, offering the premiere Alien experience in the interactive medium. Despite long-held hopes for a proper Alien: Isolation sequel, there’s currently nothing to suggest such a project is in the works.

The spacefaring horror adventure did receive a new lease on life a couple of years ago, however, when Feral Interactive ported it to the Nintendo Switch in December 2019. To the delight of many a Switch owner, this version of Alien: Isolation didn’t disappoint. In fact, its stunning graphics, tense gameplay, and horrific atmosphere translated so well to the hybrid device that some consider Switch the ideal way to explore Sevastopol Station on console. And, apparently, Feral Interactive’s wizardry with the classic experience is not stopping there.


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Recently, the crew at Feral Interactive announced plans to bring the arresting narrative of Alien: Isolation to Android and iOS mobile devices. VGC reports the new version will launch on December 16 for the price of $14.99, packing in the main game and all seven of its DLC releases. Tailored for touchscreen, Alien: Isolation’s mobile port boasts a customizable interface; however, those who prefer tactile controls can rest assured that gamepad support is confirmed. A statement from the studio notes that it managed to bring the survival horror experience to mobile devices “without compromise.” Players will be able to judge for themselves in less than one month’s time. Check out the announcement trailer in the following video:

Such a release is no doubt a boon for Alien faithful who’ve yet to explore the beloved sci-fi horror universe as Ellen Ripley’s daughter Amanda Ripley. Unlike previous interactive adventures that prioritized the action on display in the film series’ 1986 sequel, Alien: Isolation slowed the tempo considerably, making for a haunting pace that truly emphasized the terror wrought by Xenomorphs. If Feral replicated that feeling on mobile, a new audience of players are in for quite the treat come mid-December.

This isn’t the first time Alien has made the jump to mobile devices. In 2019, developer D3 Go! brought Alien: Blackout to market and once more placed Amanda Ripley at the narrative’s center. Reviews for the tactics game were pretty mixed, though some considered it a worthy mobile spinoff at the time.

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Alien: Isolation is available to play now on the Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One platforms; the horror title creeps onto Android and iOS on December 16.

Source: VGC

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