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Animal Crossing Villagers You Should Kick Off Your Island

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is filled with Villagers to inhabit players’ islands, but not all deserve a plot of land. Nintendo placed a limit of ten Villagers per island, meaning players must choose their neighbors carefully or risk drama spoiling their ACNH paradise. Memes of undesirable Villagers have permeated the Animal Crossing: New Horizons community, crafting a clear list of unwanted residents that will only make players’ lives miserable. If any unfortunate soul makes neighbors of ACNH’s meanest Villagers, kicking them off the island is the only way to reestablish peace.

Several Animal Crossing Villagers maintained popularity since launch – such as Marshall, Raymond, Marina, and Sherb. These Villagers are stylish, kind, and a status symbol for those lucky enough to secure them. Unfortunately, Marshall and Raymond are notoriously difficult to find, with some players dedicating hours to hunt the Villagers on Mystery Islands. While it’s unlikely for a player to secure all of ACNH’s most popular Villagers, there is a startling number that many players won’t want around their homes.

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The Animal Crossing community has consistently ostracized several Villagers for their nasty attitudes, boring decorations, and failed character designs. A game created to help players escape the stresses of everyday life should avoid all of these, yet Nintendo’s collection of disturbingly antagonistic Villagers persists. Players should make these Animal Crossing Villagers leave as soon as possible.

Animal Crossing Villager To Kick Off Your Island – Rodney The Hamster

Animal Crossing New Horizons Worst Villagers Rodney

Rodney is a Smug Hamster Villager whose home resembles a ’90s diner. This interior design would be a charming addition to Animal Crossing islands if it weren’t for the house’s owner. His consistent bragging about his superior lifestyle drives even the most compassionate players to despise this hamster. Rodney’s character design features a repulsive shade of teal offset by a disturbingly flesh-colored snout covered in freckles. The Villager’s constant, half-hearted smile and mismatched tufts of pink hair fail to make him stand out, and he has no unique details to speak of. Nintendo may have added Rodney’s freckles to make the hamster seem cuter or more approachable, but the Villager’s creepy flirting ensures his unlikability.

Animal Crossing Villager To Kick Off Your Island – Barold The Bear

Animal Crossing New Horizons Worst Villagers Barold

Barold is a Lazy Bear Villager that sports an infamous 5 o’clock shadow. However, it’s his outfits and other features that seal his fate as an unpopular Villager. His human-like lips give him the appearance of a man going through a midlife crisis rather than a bear. If Barold’s features weren’t enough, his wardrobe resembles a stranded survivor who spent decades in the wilderness without a change of clothes.

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Barold’s garish, striped robe sticks out in any season, offsetting any carefully constructed Animal Crossing island layout. Unlike other Villagers who may have unique talents or character designs, like Raymond and Marina, Barold is a walking “What-Not-To-Do” sign that players should be wary of joining their island paradise. And if he’s on an island already, it’s best to just make him leave.

Animal Crossing Villager To Kick Off Your Island – Moose The Mouse

Animal Crossing New Horizons Worst Villagers MooseAnimal Crossing New Horizons Worst Villagers Moose

Moose’s character design is just creepy. His untamed sideburns, pompous eyebrow, and ‘shorty’ catchphrase ensure consistently uncomfortable conversations for players. Moose is a Jock Mouse Villager, meaning players are at the risk of beginning their island with this resident already present. Every Animal Crossing: New Horizons save file starts players with a Jock and Sisterly Villager pair; unfortunately, these personality types are home to many undesirable residents. Moose will not only make players uncomfortable with his appearance but with his dialogue as well, making this Mouse a necessary removal.

Animal Crossing Villager To Kick Off Your Island – Diva The Frog

Animal Crossing Diva

Diva’s reputation for being a pompous bully to the player and other neighbors does not give the best first impression. Her design is quite off-putting, resembling a middle school drama queen who got into her mother’s makeup kit. Should players be unlucky enough to stumble across her in an argument with another Villager, siding against her will result in a brilliant temper tantrum. As a Sisterly Frog Villager, Diva will give her opinion bluntly with no concern for the effect her words may have. Before life on Animal Crossing’s deserted island, Diva was a celebrated opera singer. This fact will hijack all conversation topics and result in some frustrating dialog loops. More interesting Villagers could occupy Diva’s spot, making the ACNH island a more peaceful, welcoming environment.

Animal Crossing Villager To Kick Off Your Island – Maelle The Duck

Maelle Animal Crossing

Maelle’s interior decorating skills are her only redeemable quality, as her house takes after a quaint city park, complete with a popcorn machine. Unfortunately, entering her home will usually require a conversation with one of Animal Crossing’s most dramatic Villagers. Her appearance resembles a disappointed mother ready to scold her child and will likely send most players running.

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Maelle’s snobby arrogance makes both the player character and neighbors victims to her untamable temper. If her disappointing character design and nasty personality weren’t enough, Maelle’s boring hobby is limited to walking around with a purse and sometimes wearing head accessories. Maelle gives players virtually no incentive to keep her around when another interesting (and kind) Villager could take her place. To improve the lives of all inhabitants on Animal Crossing islands, players must ensure Maelle’s departure.

Animal Crossing Villager To Kick Off Your Island – Olaf The Anteater

Olaf’s obsession with wealth and constant superiority complex is rivaled only by the strand of over-greased hair between his eyes. His attitude is a shame, as his unique features could improve Animal Crossing’s Villager designs. Olaf is a Smug Anteater that is only kind when no one threatens his dominance but could still clash with anyone at any given moment. Due to his drastic personality changes, Olaf’s moments of kindness can be interpreted as ingenuine, furthering his arrogant personality. There is little incentive to keep Olaf around aside from his flashy wardrobe, which resembles a Matador.

Animal Crossing Villager To Kick Off Your Island – Limberg The Mouse

Animal Crossing Limberg

Limberg’s design resembles one of Arthur Fleck’s coworkers in Joker, complete with unshaven features and terrible clown makeup. His rude, brash personality matches the crime-ridden Gotham City perfectly, which isn’t a good thing. Limberg is a Cranky Mouse Villager whose disgust begins with his name. Limberg is a reference to Limburger Cheese, which is a type of cheese with a powerful stench. Limberg spends his days wandering around the island, belittling and verbally attacking Animal Crossing Villagers of all personality types. Should players bond with him enough, Limberg will reveal that he has no other friends. This is unsurprising given the terrible treatment he consistently dishes out.

Animal Crossing Villager To Kick Off Your Island – Hippeux The Hippo

Hippeaux Animal Crossing

Hippeux the Hippo is every prep school bully mashed into a bright yellow hippo’s body. His uniform wardrobe reflects his lucrative lifestyle, which sets him at odds with other modest Villagers. His facial expression is set at a constant sneer, making this hippo seem a moment away from stealing someone’s lunch money. Though some may find his bottle cap collection interesting, his egotistical and conceited remarks will prevent any genuine connections from forming. Animal Crossing players will find they won’t have a hard time saying goodbye to this Villager.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons islands limit players to ten Villager slots at a time. None of these limited plots of land should be delegated to the rude, unwelcoming, and infuriating Villagers listed above. There are many ways to remove an Animal Crossing Villager from an island, but it’s likely that players will encounter at least one of these sometimes in their playthrough.

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