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Aquaman 2 Story Details Revealed In New Scene Description From DC Movie

New story details for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom offer a tease of an intriguing scene in the upcoming movie. In 2018, James Wan offered a break from DCEU’s austere color palette with his vibrant and playful Aquaman movie, which saw Jason Momoa as the titular Arthur Curry. The film made a big splash at the box office, becoming DCEU’s first to cross the $1 billion mark, and overall the reception from critics was favorable. Given its financial success, WB and DC were quick to greenlight a sequel, scheduled to hit theaters next year.


Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will feature Momoa’s return as the submerged superhero, with Amber Heard, Patrick Wilson, and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II returning to reprise their roles as Mera, Orm Marius/Ocean Master, and David Kane/ Black Manta respectively. New additions include Jani Zhao as Stingray, Indya Moore as Karshon, and Pilou Asbæk. Recently, Momoa also took fans by surprise when he seemingly revealed that Ben Affleck will return as Batman in Aquaman 2. Plot details on the movie are few and far between, although concept art has teased new exotic territory featuring various mythical creatures.

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Now, in an interview with GQ Magazine, Momoa revealed some additional details for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. The actor apparently confirmed that the movie includes a scene where Arthur appears before the UN Assembly and delivers a chilling speech about an imminent disaster that threatens the world. The actor also suggested that the movie will address the Earth’s current real-world situation and the damage being caused to the planet by humans. Though not explicitly stated, it seems that the concerns in question are climate change and pollution, which have put the Earth at risk. Read what Momoa said below.

“Aquaman is the most made-fun-of superhero in the world. But it’s amazing to be able to bring awareness of what is happening to our planet. It’s not some story that’s been told over and over, [it’s a] movie about what’s happening right now but in a fantasy world.

I have a great time with… there’s a lot of…. It’s a throwback to…, I don’t want to give too much away. But we really get to speed up what is going to happen to this earth, and it’s not because of aliens.”

As the scene description suggests, the sequel will seemingly continue to be an allegory for the ramifications of climate change and global warming, as well as a call to action like its predecessor. In the first Aquaman movie, Orm’s argument was hard to refute. The surface world is undoubtedly encroaching on the world’s oceans and endangering the life within. And although Arthur had to stop Orm from waging war with the surface, it seems that in Aquaman 2, the King of Atlantis will be thrown head first into the problem, and he will be forced to confront those contributing to the degradation of the planet. Otherwise, the worsening environmental issues will compromise the life and well-being of the inhabitants of the seven underwater kingdoms.

The new story details seem to suggest that a battle between the sea and the surface is possible in the sequel. Such a war has been widely speculated ever since previous BTS images from Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom showed the Atlanteans rallying around a beach, and the idea of an impending environmental disaster threatening the world only backs the theory. What now remains to be seen is how a looming environmental catastrophe would lead Arthur into war and against whom. Considering Affleck’s attachment to the sequel, it’s possible that Aquaman 2 could pull from arcs like “The Last Jet to Gotham,” putting Arthur at odds with the United States Navy and Government for their indifference to the sanctity of the oceans. Or the movie could opt for an entirely original story that mixes an environmental message with the central conflict. Regardless, it’s commendable that Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is not just sticking to traditional superhero tropes, but is also focusing on a much larger issue that is relevant to the real world.

Source: GQ Magazine

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