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Are The Friends Cast Really Friends? The Actors’ Real-Life Relationships

David Schwimmer, Jennifer Aniston, Matt LeBlanc, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, and Matthew Perry used to be inseparable. They worked together nearly every single day for an entire decade while shooting Friends. And while some actors can’t stand their closest coworkers, this sextet always seemed to get along.

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Their real-life relationships hardly imitate their on-screen relationships. After all, none of them coupled up and tied the knot and they never lived across the hall from one another. That said, they didn’t let time and distance chip away at the love and affection they carry in their hearts for each other.

10 Jennifer Didn’t Invite The Guys To Her Wedding

When Jennifer Aniston married Justin Theroux in August 2015, she only invited Lisa Kudrow and Courtney Cox. The guys didn’t receive an invite, but they couldn’t hold that against their beloved castmate. The wedding was small: there were only 70 guests in attendance. If Monica didn’t resent Rachel for not getting an invitation to her wedding, neither should Matthew, David, and Matt have issues with Jennifer’s guest list.

To be completely fair, Jennifer did invite the entire cast to her 1998 Malibu wedding to Brad Pitt. The only one who couldn’t make it was Matt, as he was stuck on a movie set.

9 Friends Reunion Without Matthew In 2016

In 2016, the cast agreed to do an interview together for Must See TV: An All-Star Tribute to James Burrows, but unfortunately, Matthew couldn’t make it live. Instead, he welcomed the rest via a video call. The reunion interview was considered a flop as many felt it seemed rushed. Many questions were asked, but there was barely enough time or patience for the guests to elaborate on some of the answers.

Even though Matthew wasn’t there, that doesn’t mean he was no longer friends with the rest of the cast. He was in London, busy with rehearsals for his West End play.


8 Courtney & Jennifer Are Besties In Real Life

Just like Monica and Rachel, Courtney and Jennifer are best friends in real life. They stand by each other during big life events and transitions. For example, Courtney was the maid of honor at Jennifer’s 2015 wedding and Jennifer is the Godmother of Courtney’s child.

The bond goes beyond honorable titles. When Jennifer broke up with Brad Pitt, Courtney took her in for the foreseeable future – just like Monica did with Rachel!

7 David Was Super Excited About The Reunion

Ross Geller in Friends

2020 saw the most exciting news since the show ended in 2004. Friends finally got a reunion on the HBO Max streaming service. David Schwimmer is the one cast member who kept fans most informed in the run up to the show, and was clearly thrilled about the chance to be reunited on screen with all the Friends gang.

Prior to filming, David was on The Graham Norton Show. He said that he is going to see everybody for the first time in many years. While he’s not as close to his former cast members as others are, there is no denying that he was just as excited about the reunion as the rest of them.

6 They Keep Up With Each Other Through Lunch Dates

While their characters preferred to keep each other in the loop over a cup of coffee, the actors prefer to meet at lunch dates. When Courtney Cox and Matthew Perry met for one and Courtney posted their selfie to her Instagram account, the fans were overjoyed- especially those who thought that Monica and Chandler were the best couple in the sitcom.

It doesn’t take much to get the media talking about whether or not love is brewing amongst the former coworkers. In 2016, the paparazzi caught Courtney on a dinner date with LeBlanc in LA. The rumors that they were secretly dating spread fast, but they soon turned out to be false.

5 Matthew Gifted Lisa A Cookie Jar From The Set

Lisa Kudrow and her Cookie Time jar

After Friends wrapped up, Matthew decided to give Lisa a very special gift from the set, a cookie jar that says “Cookie Time.” And it’s no coincidence he chose that particular object.

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While shooting one of the episodes, Lisa’s line was something along the lines of her being late and having to get going. While uttering the words, she pointed at the cookie jar, mistaking it for a clock. Matthew noticed the ridiculousness of the situation right away and called her out on it.

4 The Girls Have A Group Chat

Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox are supposedly really close, but Lisa is just as much a part of their lives as Phoebe was for Monica and Rachel.

A few years ago, the three Friends ladies shared that they have a group chat. Courtney said she wasn’t a big fan of texting, so it might be that the group chat has since fallen apart. Or perhaps they created a brand new one and decided to include the guys, as well. After all, they have a lot to talk about with the reunion coming up.

3 Matt & Matthew Support Each Other, No Matter What

Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry

Joey and Chandler had a bond that couldn’t be broken, and so do Matt and Matthew. Regardless of how often or rarely they see each other, things never change between the two. They consistently show up for each other, even though it’s been nearly two decades since they stopped being on-screen roommates.

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In 2016, Matthew Perry wrote and published his playwriting debut, The End of Longing and Matt LeBlanc came all the way to London to support Matthew and his work.

2 The Groups Shares A Special Bond

Friends Reunion everything we know

As the name of the show suggests, Friends taught its fans many lessons in friendship. The same could be said for the cast. Matt has once said that he considers his co-workers a family. Even though they don’t all get together on a regular basis, they still care for one another, as siblings would.

The group met when they were in their 20s. In the following decade, they saw each other get married and have children, all the while sharing a set. They saw each other grow and transform, which is something that can’t be said for many other people in their lives.

1 They’re All Still Friends, But They’re Rarely All Together

Even though there is no animosity among them, these six friends have been together in the same room only twice since the show wrapped up.

So it’s no wonder Jennifer Aniston’s first Instagram post broke the internet – it was only the second time it happened since 2004. Perhaps the reunion re-kindled some of the individual friendships that weren’t as strong before.

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