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ARK’s Desmodus Draculae Is One Of The Best Fake Monsters

Ark: Survival Evolved has plenty for players, from farming to taming various prehistoric creatures, but one fan-made creature is on a different level.

Ark: Survival Evolved has a plethora of beasties and critters for the player to tame, but a fan-made monster is one of the most creative yet. An open-world survival adventure game, Ark: Survival Evolved, tasks players with the simple objective to survive in a dangerous land bristling with prehistoric animals. The game mechanics are familiar with those who have played survival adventure games: building structures, crafting tools, agriculture farming, and PvP and PvE game modes. However, Ark‘s primary game mechanic lies in taming the various monsters found in the world.

The method of taming is different for each creature, with the most violent and best creatures in Ark: Survival Evolved taking longer. Once tamed, the player gains a life companion and access to various commands and abilities. These abilities range between creatures, but all help the player somehow, be it through PvP or PvE. However, some fans have created a beast that is as helpful as terrifying.


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Posted on the Ark: Survival Evolved community forums by user TorchuJack117 and refined by user Zorafoxx, the giant bat is known as Desmodus Draculae. A fan-made monster made for PvP and utility in-game, Desmodus Draculae is written to be the apex predator of the skies. Moreover, its abilities are very creative, naturally themed around bleeding and latching onto dinos and humans alike. Its addition would turn Ark: Survival Evolved into a horror game akin to Subnautica: Below Zero, with monsters ready to grab unwitting players. Desmodus Draculae would be right at home in Ark: Survival Evolved and its creature roaster.

The Desmodus Draculae Is The Most Creative Creature In Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark Desmodus Fanmade Monster
Desmodus Draculae By TorchuJACK117 via Reddit

Able to locate and stun dinos in a single screech, the Desmodus Draculae sounds like a delight to friends and a terror to enemies. Its role in Ark: Survival Evolved seemingly fills in the gap between PvP and PvE. Bleeding hostile dinos and enemy players and supporting friendlies by scanning the area with its echolocation ability. Moreover, it seems to make taming dinos relatively more manageable with the screech ability, stunning everything in the vicinity. Its controls would also be more unique than the typical flyer being far more maneuverable in the skies.

Not content in simply collecting fiber in Ark: Survival Evolved and taming its various prehistoric creatures, players have created one of the most creative monsters, the Desmodus Draculae. While most tamed creatures are degrees that lean to either PvP or PvE; however, the Desmodus Draculae seemingly fills a combination of both roles. Moreover, its abilities are one of the most creative with being able to dominate the skies with abilities like an air dodge and climb and latch on walls and trees. With a community dedicated to Ark: Survival Evolved and Ark 2 on the horizon, it’s about time to bring the creature known as the Desmodus Draculae to digital life.

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