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Asmongold, Mizkif Part with Artesian Builds After Belittling Streamer

Streamers Asmongold and Mizkif have parted with the pre-built PC selling company Artesian Builds after the CEO belittled streamer KiaPiaa

Twitch streamers and leaders of the streaming group OTK, Asmongold and Mizkif, have parted with the modified gaming PC selling company Artesian Builds after the CEO belittled fellow streamer KiaPiaa. OTK signed a partnership deal with Artesian Builds in 2020, but the recent controversy has ended their cooperation. Other Twitch streamers have publicly condemned the company as well.

Artesian Builds live streams their builds often and occasionally hosts giveaways for brand ambassadors during their streams. The only condition Artesian Builds requires is that ambassadors have the company’s banner somewhere in their panels on Twitch. However, when streamer KiaPiaa was announced as the winner of the most recent giveaway, Artesian Builds CEO Noah Katz seemed to change the requirements on the spot while belittling KiaPiaa and the size of her Twitch following, then disqualifying her from the giveaway, despite KiaPiaa meeting the posted prerequisites.


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In a video posted to Twitter by Jake Lucky, Noah Katz is seen on stream researching KiaPiaa after they were chosen as the winner. While investigating her following and analytics, Katz condescendingly states that across the board KiaPiaa “only” has 5000 followers. KiaPiaa responded to this, tweeting about how demeaning and unfair Katz’s behavior was and how hurtful his actions were, but she was not the only one to call him out. Popular and successful esports and streaming group OTK (One True King) publicly cut ties with Artesian Builds in a tweet that reminded the community that OTK’s purpose is to be a “collective of streamers” who “elevate each other” and create quality content. Both Asmongold and Mizkif replied to the tweet, confirming they would be parting with the company as well.

Artesian Builds has issued several apologies, but the community is unhappy with Noah Katz’s actions and many streamers and fans have stated that they will no longer support the high-end PC company. The company also honored the giveaway and offered KiaPiaa her rightfully earned reward, but she refused the PC. Unfortunately, Twitch is no stranger to controversy among the community and affiliated businesses, especially with feminine streamers. However, the streaming community has worked together to maintain the values expected on the platform, and the actions of streamers towards Artesian Builds are evidence of this.

Intel, the sponsor of the Artesian Builds giveaway stream, has also stepped in to disagree with Noah Katz’s actions. Besides ambassadors and companies cutting ties with the PC building company, some Twitch streamers have even come out making claims about problems with the PC performance of Artesian Builds. Although these claims have not been substantiated, the heat from popular streamers like Asmongold and Mizkif will not help the company’s prestige.

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Source: Jake Lucky/Twitter, Asmongold/Twitter, Mizkif/Twitter

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