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Batman Beyond’s New Costume Offers Big Change For Fan-Favorite Hero

Spoilers for Batman Beyond: Neo-Year #6

Terry McGinnis is getting a brand-new costume for his upcoming Neo Year series that will see Batman Beyond sport an all-different look that’s a considerable change from his usual look. In a first-look preview for Batman Beyond: Neo-Year #6 by DC Comics, the futuristic hero will step out in an all-new costume as he looks to take down a series of villains in Neo-Gotham for good.

In Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing, and Max Dunbar’s current Batman Beyond: Neo-Year series from DC Comics, Terry McGinnis has tried to keep Neo-Gotham safe after the death of Bruce Wayne, but the city hasn’t supported its new protector. As a result, Batman Beyond has been forced to deal with the Living Gotham’s soldier, the Sword of Gotham, a dangerous villain who can possess people as hosts with nanobots – including allies of Terry. In the upcoming issue of Neo-Year, Batman Beyond will seemingly have his final stand against the villain while sporting a new costume against his deadly opponent.


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In a new look at In Batman Beyond: Neo-Year #6 by Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing, Max Dunbar, Romulo Fajardo Jr., and Aditya Bidikar shared on DC Nation, Terry McGinnis’ new costume was shared as concept art of the new suit showcased what the hero will be wearing ahead of his final stand against Living Gotham. The look gives Batman Beyond a dark ensemble with a thinner red symbol on his chest. His spiky forearms become more square as his fingers glow red. Terry’s cowl makes his mouth visible, although it’s still somewhat hidden. Readers can see a much longer cape for the hero in the bottom right, which matches the color scheme of his costume.

Cover art for Batman Beyond: Neo-Year #6 by Max Dunbar reveals a closer look at the costume in action. The new suit looks great, as his long, pointed wings and logo are striking as he rises above the villains he’ll face in the issue. The Sword of Gotham can be seen below him in the bottom right of the image, while his allies are on the left. Meanwhile, the Living Gotham strikes a menacing smile above Batman.

Check out the full synopsis for the issue, which teases the epic battle ahead for Terry McGinnis, his new suit, and the Batman Beyond mythos being changed forever.

The end of tomorrow! The Neo-Year is drawing toward its epic conclusion: Terry McGinnis has spent the last year waging his war on the artificial intelligence that conquered Neo-Gotham. In this issue he’ll have to put together everything he’s learned, refine his own myth as Batman, and bring down Donovan Lumos, Neo-Gotham’s A.I., and the Sword of Gotham. Terry McGinnis flies the night sky in a new Batman Beyond suit. Everything about the Batman Beyond mythos changes here.

The current Batman Beyond: Neo-Year series has been a fun read that’s given the hero a much-deserved engaging and exciting series. Hopefully, DC Comics gives the current Neo-Year creative team an ongoing series because they’ve definitely proved they understand the character while weaving a can’t-miss story for the hero that’s already shaken up the future Batman’s mythos considerably for the better. Terry McGinnis will suit up in his new costume in Batman Beyond: Neo-Year #6, which arrives in comic book stores and online retailers on September 6, 2022.

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