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Batman & Catwoman Just Got Their Star Wars Romance Moment

Batman and Catwoman just got their own epic farewell in DC’s future, similar to Han Solo and Leia’s in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Future State: Catwoman #2.

In DC’s Future State, Bruce Wayne’s Batman is believed to be dead., however, Catwoman is still alive, doing all she can to fight the oppressive regime in Gotham known as the Magistrate. Using her network of resistance fighters, Catwoman sneaks aboard a Magistrate train in order to hijack it and save its prisoners, but it’s soon revealed that Bruce Wayne lives and is onboard as well. While their time together is short in Future State: Catwoman #2, Batman does leave Catwoman with an epic farewell, not unlike in Star Wars with Han Solo’s goodbye to Princess Leia at the end of The Empire Strikes Back.

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Thanks to the efforts of the Magistrate, Gotham has been turned into a fascist police state where all vigilantism and mask wearing is illegal, punishable by immediate execution. Naturally, this made Batman the Magistrate’s Public Enemy No. 1, and an attempt on his life was made. While Bruce survived the attack, he let the Magistrate’s peacekeepers and the rest of the world believe that the assassination had been a success, allowing Bruce to try and take down the Magistrate from the shadows. However, at some point along the way he must have been captured by the Magistrate and taken prisoner before Talia Al Ghul, another resistance fighter and ex-lover of Bruce’s, rescues him on the same train Catwoman happens to be on.

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Now, Future State: Catwoman #2 from writer Ram V and artist Otto Schmidt sees Bruce and Catwoman coincidentally being reunited again. However, their time together is cut short thanks to the imminent danger of the train being about to explode. While they come up with a plan to escape with all of the prisoners, it involves Batman uncoupling the train and staying behind, diverting all suspicions of the sabotage onto the Bat instead of the Cat. However, it does create the opportunity for Bruce Wayne to give an epic farewell response when Selina asks Bruce how she’ll find him again.


It’s a pretty smooth line, not unlike when Princess Leia tells Han Solo that she loves him before he’s frozen in carbonite in the end of The Empire Strikes Back. Instead of saying he loves her back, he simply tells her that he knows, which is a perfect response given his career as a charismatic smuggler and the back and forth tension Han and Leia had up until that point. However, instead of the Princess and the Smuggler, DC Comics has the Thief and the Vigilante, and Bruce’s response that Selina should just steal something is absolutely perfect for their own shared romance dynamic.

The Bat and the Cat have been an on-again, off-again item for quite some time now in DC Comics, and it’s nice to see that their relationship persists into Gotham’s future as well. It’ll be interesting to see if DC ever has Catwoman “steal something important” to reunite with her Batman for good.

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