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Big Brother: 10 Most Expensive Former Houseguests On Cameo

With season 24 of Big Brother currently underway, fans are always wondering where to catch houseguests once the season is over. Whether fans are content with just following the stars on social media or wanting more personal messages from them, Cameo can be a great resource to ensure that superfans guarantee contact with their favorite houseguest.

Cameo makes it possible for fans to find almost any musician or television/movie star and request a chat, video call, or personal video message from said person. While it costs a fortune to get into contact with an A-list celebrity, some fans are perfectly content with getting messages from their favorite reality show contestants, including popular Big Brother houseguests.


10 Tiffany Mitchell (BB23): $75

Beloved houseguest Tiffany knew how to get in good with those in power, as well as make several strong alliances. She went on to be voted America’s Favorite Player and it’s clear she’s in high demand still.

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Though her live chat and business prices are quite pricey, there are over 30 positive reviews from happy fans that had gotten a lengthy and thoughtful Cameo video from her. The reality star’s semi-affordable price makes it easy for fans to connect with the entertaining houseguest.

9 Cody Calafiore (BB16): $75

Regardless of viewers’ opinions on whether Cody is a true Big Brother All-Star or not, it’s undeniable that he has an excellent social game. Though many believe Cody just rode Derek Levasseur’s coattails in season 16, he came back to prove people wrong and ended up winning the All-Stars season.

Surprisingly enough, Cody has relatively low prices considering how popular of a player he is, and fans love that he offers affordable ways to chat. As far as Big Brother winners go, Cody is by far one of the most reasonably priced.

8 Kaycee Clark (BB20): $100

Big Brother winner Kaycee is quite a popular houseguest and is even one of the most followed BB contestants on Instagram. Between her kindness and her hard work, many fans admire her efforts.

The houseguest also competed on the MTV show The Challenge, so it’s safe to say the star is in high demand. Though Kaycee normally accepts video proposals for $100, she is only accepting $5 messages for the time being, which is great news for her die-hard fans.

7 Calum Best (BB UK 15 & 17): $100

Two-time celebrity BB houseguest Calum Best has developed quite the following, between his appearances on multiple reality shows and his success on Big Brother UK. He now prides himself on being an inspirational mindfulness coach, and fans agree that Cameo is the perfect place to showcase his gift.

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If fans need a quick word of encouragement via Cameo shoutout, it will cost them $100, and $250 if a user wants to use his face for business. Regardless, fans believe this is a pretty affordable price, especially considering he has an average turnaround time of 24 hours.

6 Angela Rummans (BB20): $100

Known for being in a popular showmance with Tyler Crispen, Angela is charging top dollar on Cameo. Though the price itself isn’t too high compared to other former houseguests, some fans believe it’s strange for her to charge just as much as her fiance, Tyler.

Considering Tyler came close to winning the game and Angela just existed in a showmance with him, some viewers feel like they never got to know Angela very well as her own person during her time on the show. Regardless, a couple of fans have paid for her services and given her a 5-star rating.

5 Tyler Crispen (BB20 & BB All-Stars): $100

Though he never ended up winning a game of Big Brother, Tyler came close twice and even won America’s Favorite Player. Due to how much BB fans love him, it was only right for him to get a Cameo account.

Fans can pay $100 for a shoutout video, $500 for a video for a business, and even pay $300 for a live video call. However, there is a more cost-efficient option for fans to message Tyler for only $10.

4 Austin Matelson (BB17): $120

Though the AEW Wrestling world knows him as his fierce alter ego “Luchasaurus,” BB fans know him as Austin Matelson. He wasn’t put on the block until week 11, causing fans to grow a respect for the strong player.

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Between his wrestling fanbase and his Big Brother supporters, the player has amassed over 30 extremely positive reviews on Cameo during his time on the website. Although the former houseguest normally charges $120 for a video shoutout, he is only taking $20 messages right now, probably due to his busy wrestling training schedule.

3 Will Kirby (BB2 & BB7): $199

“Dr. Will” is known for his many iconic quotes on Big Brother as one of the show’s most outspoken and funny houseguests in its history. As an OG Big Brother great, it’s no secret that he is a wanted celeb on Cameo.

Though some will think his prices are quite high, viewers can understand why he is in such high demand as a Big Brother winner. Considering how relevant he still is in the Big Brother space, it’s not much of a stretch for Dr. Will to raise his prices, and it’s clear that there are many happy customers who have left over 200 positive reviews.

2 Amanda Zuckerman (BB15): $500

The notorious villain that is Amanda has prices on Cameo that come to a shock. Though she was quite the entertaining and confrontational houseguest, not many fans expect this kind of pricing.

Although it’s nice she has a more affordable option to online chat with her, it will cost a pretty penny for any company or fan to buy a video from her. However, she has clearly had a few takers already who seem pleased with her services, as she has three 5-star ratings on her page.

1 Memphis Garrett (BB10 & BB All-Stars): $1,000

Possibly the most surprising price of them all, Big Brother runner-up Memphis is charging top dollar for a short, yet personal video shoutout. Whether it’s for a business venture or just a video for a certain person’s entertainment, it is going to cost fans $1,000.

Though he is an all-star player, his pricing is quite controversial, just like his reputation among the Big Brother fanbase. Regardless of the seemingly outrageous prices, it seems like he has gotten a decent amount of takers, with 16 fans already giving him rave reviews.

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