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Big Brother: Alyssa Throws Shade At Tiffany In Claire’s Goodbye Message

Alyssa Lopez threw Tiffany Mitchell under the bus during her goodbye message for Claire Rehfuss. Both Alyssa and Claire were evicted Thursday night.

Alyssa Lopez subtly threw shade at Tiffany Mitchell during her Big Brother goodbye message for Claire Rehfuss. Claire was the first of two houseguests to be evicted during last week’s live double eviction. Then, not long after Claire walked out the front door, Alyssa followed behind as she was the second houseguest evicted of the night.

All season long, Claire has formed a tight relationship with Tiffany. In fact, Claire was Tiffany’s best ally outside of the dominating six-person Cookout alliance. Unfortunately, Tiffany found herself in a tough situations during her HOH reign last week. After Alyssa won the Power of Veto, Tiffany’s game was in jeopardy as she had to choose between going against Claire or the Cookout. Tiffany ultimately made the difficult decision to nominate Claire as a replacement after Alyssa took herself off of the block. Claire then was evicted with a 4-1 vote

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Although Claire’s goodbye messages from her former housemates were not seen on the live episode due to the double eviction, they were later shared by CBS to the show’s official Instagram page as a part of Claire’s extended exit interview (seen below) with host Julie Chen Moonves. While not all of the houseguests’ messages were seen, Alyssa’s message was included in the montage. During it, Alyssa subtly threw Tiffany under the bus. Alyssa explained to Claire that she will always have Xavier Prather’s back, who was on the Kings Team with her. She said, “I wouldn’t of done what Tiffany did putting my number one ally on the block and risking you going home.” Alyssa claimed she was a “loyal” player and hoped that Claire would be understanding of that; however, Claire was seen shaking her head in disbelief as she listened to Alyssa’s message.

Following Alyssa’s message in the montage was Tiffany’s words for Claire. Tiffany admitted this had been “one of the most difficult weeks” because she had no choice but to nominate her best friend in the house. She explained, “I had to balance my own personal reasons with my own loyalty I have to you.” Tiffany’s message even brought tears to Claire’s eyes. Although Claire was understanding of Tiffany’s reasoning for nominating her, Claire was not too happy with the rest of the houseguests following her eviction. Her anger was quite noticeable since she did not hug any of the houseguests as she walked out the front door. Claire later explained that she feels this trend on the show is fake.

Now that Tiffany, along with the rest of the Cookout alliance, have completed their mission of making it to final six together, it is time they begin playing their own individual games. They have no choice but to turn on each other in order to make it to the end of the game. In just a few short weeks Claire, Alyssa and the rest of the jury members will be casting their vote for which Cookout member they want to see win the $750K grand prize.

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Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8pm EST on CBS.

Source: CBS Big Brother/Instagram

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