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Big Brother: Taylor Would Love To Compete On Amazing Race With Michael

Big Brother season 24 winner Taylor Hale expressed her interest in competing on The Amazing Race and revealed that the partner she would like to team up with is Michael Bruner. Taylor and Michael shared a good connection since the beginning of Big Brother 24, especially when they joined forces in The Leftovers alliance. The dynamic shared between the two throughout the competition led them to keep a friendship after Big Brother season 24 ended.

Taylor sat down with Your Reality Recaps and discussed her experiences on Big Brother 24, along with her relationship dynamics after the season ended. During the interview, she admitted she “would love” to participate on The Amazing Race with Michael. Taylor praised Michael for being an excellent player during Big Brother, even if he was a competitor. Michael and Taylor seemed to get along when the season started, and the two attempted to carry that dynamic through to the end. However, just like most instances in the Big Brother house, Taylor and Michael did butt heads due to making separate alliances. This conflict was mentioned in the interview as well. Taylor claimed that when she found out Michael was a part of the Po’s Pack alliance but didn’t tell her, it “set off red flags.” However, despite playing differently, Taylor admitted Michael would keep her in check while competing on The Amazing Race, which would be beneficial to have.


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Taylor Hale Changed Her Mind About Having Joseph Abdin On Amazing Race

Originally, the Big Brother winner was planning on taking her beau, Joseph Abdin but, after careful consideration, decided he wouldn’t be the right fit. She stated on an Instagram Live stream that the two were getting ready for an event, and Taylor described him as being on “CPT—Colored People Time.” It was then she noticed how both of them competing wouldn’t work because normally she is the one running behind, and both of them can’t be rushing when on The Amazing Race. While Taylor has changed her mind about competing with Joseph, she said he is still “a wonderful human being.”

Despite Taylor and Michael’s differences, the two played Big Brother 24 extremely well. While the two are friends, it is clear both competitors separated their friendship and gameplay. The Big Brother winner, even when acknowledging how good of a player Michael was, stated they equally had their eyes on the prize. Though Michael was a tough competitor for Taylor, that seems to be what sparked her interest in participating with him on The Amazing Race.

It is important to witness how much consideration Taylor is putting in to choosing a partner for The Amazing Race. But no matter who Taylor decides to partner up with during her adventures, Big Brother fans will be content getting another opportunity to see their favorites in action again. Following all the tension Big Brother season 24 brought, it is refreshing to see some contestants still getting along and forming friendships outside the house.

The Amazing Race airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EDT on CBS.

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Source: Your Reality Recaps/YouTube

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