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Big Brother: Whitney Calls Out Derek F.’s Rude Comments on BB Comics

Whitney Williams bashed Derek Fraizer for his rude comments regarding her BB Comics character during Wednesday night’s episode of Big Brother.

Whitney Williams called out Derek Fraizer for his rude comments regarding her BB Comic photo during Wednesday night’s episode of Big Brother. Whitney started off season 23 strong by winning the title of team captain for the Aces’ team; however, Whitney was evicted during the fourth week of the game.

Big Brother BB Comics has been a favorite tradition on the show for many seasons now. BB Comics is a reoccurring veto competition on the show. Although only the remaining houseguests get to compete in BB Comics, all 16 houseguests have a BB Comic made about them. The comics are unique to each houseguests and typically focus around a specific trait or moment from inside the house involving the individual. The comics are typically mailed to each houseguest following the conclusion of the season.

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On Wednesday, September 15’s episode of Big Brother, the remaining houseguests, which solely consist of the Cookout alliance members, competed in BB Comics. After watching the episode, Whitney did not appreciate the comments Derek made regarding her comic character. Whitney took to her Instagram Story Wednesday night to bash Derek for “sexualizing” her. As viewers watched Derek compete for the veto, they also heard his commentary on the comics from his Diary Room session. Derek said, “Are we sure we want to talk about Witney’s comic book? She had that workout top on.” He then emphasized “workout top” once again. Prior to Whitney leaving the Big Brother house, she and Derek bickered over this workout top. Derek claimed it was too sexy for the gym.

Derek continued on to question fans, “Would you let your kids read this comic book? Look at it. Their husband comes home with this comic book, for the kids. Or for himself.” In the episode, Derek then continued on to rave over Alyssa Lopez’s sexy comic book. Derek admitted Alyssa looked “amazing” in her “Bikini Genie” comic. Whitney shared a clip of Derek’s analysis of both her own comic book as well as Alyssa’s. She too admitted that she loves Alyssa as a person and described her comic book character with a fire emoji. Whitney then added, “But I’m sorry… does anyone else see anything wrong with @thederekfraizer ‘s opinion?” Needless to say, Whitney will most likely not be rooting for Derek to be the winner of Big Brother 23.

It is perceived that Whitney was trying to point out the different ways Derek sexualized both her and Alyssa in their comic book characters. Although Whitney’s character was actually wearing more clothes than Alyssa’s character, Derek deemed her BB Comic to be inappropriate for kids and even husbands. On the other hand, Alyssa was portrayed in a tiny bikini but Derek praised her for the way she looked. Despite not appreciating the way Derek perceived her comic book, Whitney’s emotions were overpowered with excitement and gratitude that she actually has her very own BB Comic. This is a dream come true for any longtime Big Brother fan.

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Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8pm EST on CBS.

Source: Whitney Williams/ Instagram

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