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Black Panther: 10 Funniest “We Don’t Do That Here” Memes

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever will hit theaters on November 11, 2022, but its first trailer is yet to be revealed and fans were delighted (and crying) by the teaser released at San Diego Comic-Con. It’s clear that Wakanda will never be the same after the tragic demise of Chadwick Boseman, but King T’Challa’s legacy still has much to offer.

MCU Black Panther gave audiences beautiful landscapes, clothing, music, and art, among other things, that introduced Marvel into the rich cultures of Africa. On top of that, it presented one of the best superheroes and gave fans one of the funniest Marvel memes. After King T’Challa stopped Bruce Banner from bowing to him and told him “we don’t do that here” the whole internet created thousands of memes using the iconic quote that had everybody laughing, and here are some of the best ones.


Leaving Work On Time

It’s probable that in Wakanda employees leave work on time, however, in real life, most jobs ask workers to stay longer than it was previously agreed for no extra money. Everyone has experienced the torture of looking at the clock and realizing work had to be over minutes or even hours ago, but if it’s the boss’ orders, there’s not much to do than sit and wait.

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Fans can only hope T’Challa’s leadership becomes an inspiration for other authorities around the world that can change the workplace into a fair and wonderful space where time schedules do not require employees to work for more than eight hours without being paid. But until then, it seems project managers and other important figures will not do that here.

Canadians Being Nice

Every country has amicable people, but Canadians are famous for being very nice and caring. Their natural friendly and good-natured personality traits – which can be seen in Canadian teen sitcoms that are still popular today – can sometimes seem a little off for people of other nationalities that are not used to so much cordiality.

Although “being nice” is something all humans could learn how to be, it is hilarious to imagine someone from another country answering with T’Challa’s quote to a nice Canadian that said something such as “good morning”, “you go first” or “how are you feeling today, dear?”

Marvel Post-Credit Scene

After so many years of Marvel movies, it is hard to believe that there are still people in the world that do not know about MCU’s post-credit scenes and leave the cinema as soon as the film finishes, but there are still movie-goers that stand up and halfway out wonder why everyone stayed at their seats.

It should become a tradition to immediately say to people who are unaware of post-credit scenes “we don’t do that here” and ask them to stay to watch a glimpse of the upcoming MCU movies, although there are many MCU credits scenes that still haven’t paid off yet.

Classroom Rules

There’s always one student that tries to change the rules or manipulate a teacher’s decision by saying that another professor allows things. The technique is usually used in requests like using cell phones, leaving five minutes earlier, and changing seats, among other things, but some teachers are having non of it and say “we don’t do that here”.

The best shows about high school know this perfectly well and sometimes show how children and teenagers are always so unsatisfied with the institution’s rules that they say whatever they can come up with to shake things up a little bit, but unfortunately for them, most teachers know what they are up to.

Reddit Rules

Not all social media and platforms are the same, and not every page is like Facebook. However, given Facebook’s popularity, it can be easy to get confused about what terms to use on each site. “Likes” are for Facebook and Instagram, but for Reddit, it’s called upvotes.

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They all are for pretty much the same purpose and prove to the platform’s community that a user liked or approved something. Nevertheless, hardcore Redditors feel the need to apply T’Challa’s phrase to distinguish Reddit from any other media.

Fast And Furious Physics

The Fast and Furious franchise has many of Vin Diesel’s best movies but none of them follow the basic laws of physics. Although to be fair, nobody goes to see the famous car races movies to learn about Newton or Einstein’s laws and theories.

Most viewers who go to see action movies enjoy seeing senseless premises that allow people to fly through the air, survive nearby explosions, do crazy acrobatics, and other fun things to see. Even Marvel movies are guilty of breaking a couple of laws of physics for the sake of entertainment, and T’Challa could answer to Newton and Einstein just as Toretto did in the meme.

Multiple Ecosystems

Sometimes people think every place on earth has an abundance of green plants and forget that desserts exist. But if a person was not born into a civilization hidden in the depths of the rainforest like Wakanda, there is a chance they enjoy landscapes of dunes or dry land and cannot do something like touch grass.

Is not something to be sad about, desserts are unique and astonishing, however, it’s hard to be relatable to other parts of the world that are used to green front yards. People of the desert definitely can’t feel many plants that others take for granted, but most of the people who touch grass can’t say they can go outside and touch the sand.

Metric System

If Wakanda is measuring buildings or weapons made of Vibranium they probably measure them in meters or centimeters, which probably led to some misunderstandings between King T’Challa and Captain America when they first met.

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While the rest of the world uses the international system of units, Americans use a customary one, which has led many people in the States to consider changing systems to be able to understand everybody else. This is especially true for professionals that rely on math-based careers and have to convert every quantity to match the international metric system.

Adults And Technology

Kids nowadays are so used to having everything delivered within half a second that they can’t bear a teacher taking two seconds to move the mouse on top of the play button instead of clicking the video. However, it is still hilarious to recognize that a lot of adults struggle with this easy feature.

Young people should not rejoice so much in the mockery though, as they will become those adults struggling with new technology one day and younger generations will make memes about them. But for now, it can be funny to recognize what age gaps can look like in technology with a Black Panther meme.

Disney Policy

Superhero films are seen by audiences of all ages, but as time passes by and Marvel fans grow up, it is more common to see adults in the movie theater than children when an MCU film comes out. Marvel Studios has recognized this and is daring to do horror-like movies or add jokes for adults in the latest pieces.

Deadpool 3 will be the only R-rated Marvel movie so far, and audiences are excited about it, but there were doubts about its rating. Maybe it is time to explore the possibilities of more movies in that direction. However, given that Disney is mainly a company for children, that may not happen anytime soon.

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