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Bob Odenkirk Teases Major Changes In Better Call Saul’s Final Episodes

Better Call Saul star Bob Odenkirk previews some significant changes for his character, with only a few episodes to go before the finale.

Better Call Saul star Bob Odenkirk previews some major changes for his character before the series ends. With only a few episodes to go before the dazzling Breaking Bad spinoff wraps, Better Call Saul has already seen some major shifts in its last season. Closing the door on prominent figures, offering a bloody end for others, and answering one of the prequel’s most pressing questions, the show’s writers have already provided closure on several dangling threads.

In a notable one-two punch, Better Call Saul provided clarity on why Kim Wexler (Rhea Seehorn) is never seen in Breaking Bad. It also sheds light on how Jimmy McGill (Odenkirk) finally and fully transforms into Saul Goodman, never looking back. The two circumstances are, of course, connected. After Kim decides to leave Jimmy, because she finally accepts that they are bad for each other, Jimmy gives himself over to the Saul Goodman persona–a deceptively skilled, if amoral, defense attorney. But since Better Call Saul also has another timeline to contend with, the black and white post-Breaking Bad era, Jimmy’s journey isn’t quite over yet.


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While speaking with Deadline, Odenkirk offered a preview of what fans can expect from the last episodes of Better Call Saul. Although the actor is largely speaking in the context of the differences between Jimmy and Saul, he does conclude his remarks by mentioning how Jimmy will come through in the end. As Odenkirk puts it, “He’s actually very much confronting the demons inside him in the last four episodes of the season.” The full quote is included below.

“I discovered that Saul is a much easier character to play than Jimmy. The last couple episodes, he becomes a much richer character again. He’s no longer hiding behind that facade, and he’s actually very much confronting the demons inside him in the last four episodes of the season.”

Whichever demons Jimmy is meant to be facing at the end of Better Call Saul, he clearly hasn’t done it yet. In season 6, episode 11, fittingly titled “Breaking Bad”, Jimmy (under the alias of Cinnabon worker Gene Takovic) is still running elaborate schemes to get some cash. These remarks point to a potentially major shift in the remaining two installments of the spinoff. It could be the case that Jimmy might still have a happy ending. Or, perhaps, it’s not such a good thing that Jimmy actually confronts those demons. There are a lot of them, what happened to Chuck and Howard, most notably, and maybe he won’t be able to handle it.

That is another unknown that hangs over the spinoff. Will the series’ writers choose redemption for Jimmy or will he perish in the end, as Walter White did? There are Better Call Saul theories and hints that point in different directions, with viewers reaching out to the version that they like best. But if Odenkirk’s latest remarks indicate anything, it’s that the concluding chapters of an exceptional television drama remains as hard to predict as ever. That has always been one of Better Call Saul‘s surprising strengths.

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Source: Deadline

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