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Bridgerton: 10 Things To Remember Before Season 2

Bridgerton premiered in December 2020, quickly becoming a massive hit for Netflix. The Shondaland production blended lavish period sets and costumes with a classic enemies-to-lovers story and a healthy dose of steamy scenes, resulting in a unique take on the Regency romance.

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Season two will shift the focus to Anthony, the eldest Bridgerton, and his romance with newcomer Kate Sharma. Still, the series balances a sprawling cast of characters and multiple storylines, and fans might need a refresher on how season one left things for the Bridgerton family and those closest to them.


Season 2 Will Have New Lead Characters

Simone Ashley and Jonathan Bailey in Bridgerton Season 2

Bridgerton has an unusually large ensemble cast of lead characters. Each book focuses on one of the Bridgerton siblings, presenting a love story for each that usually ends in a happily-ever-after.

In keeping with this trope, the Netflix adaptation will follow suit, focusing on one of the siblings’ love lives with each new season. The show’s debut was mainly about Daphne and the Duke, presenting one of the best television examples of a fake relationship that grows into true love. The sophomore season will shift focus to Anthony’s confrontational romance with the spirited Kate Sharma. Season three will see Benedict take center stage, and so on.

Simon Won’t Appear In Season 2

Simon Basset, Duke of Hastings sitting for dinner in Bridgerton

Regé-Jean Page was Bridgerton‘s breakout star, by far. The actor became an instant star, attracting major praise for his performance, including an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series. Soon, he began securing high-profile projects, including the Russo Brothers’ The Gray Man and the reboot of Dungeons & Dragons. In July, it was announced Page would star in Paramount’s reboot of The Saint.

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As such, it came as no surprise when Page announced he wouldn’t return for season two of Bridgerton. As previously mentioned, the Count is the protagonist of the first book but plays a mostly supporting role throughout the rest of the series. It’s unknown if Page will cameo in future seasons of Bridgerton or if his character will merely be mentioned in passing, especially because Phoebe Dynevor will return for the show’s sophomore effort.

Simon And Daphne Had A Child

The epilogue for season one of Bridgerton reveals that Simon and Daphne had a child together, a boy. It’s a perfect culmination for their story arc, which featured Simon’s unsureness about fathering a child and Daphne’s insecurities about her role as a wife.

It’s unclear how much time has passed, but season two will most likely take place after the birth. In an interview with The Wrap, Dynevor stated that season two would probably feature the baby, as the focus shifts from Daphne’s romance with the Duke to her relationship with her family.

Marina Left London With Phillip Crane

Marina Thompson in Bridgerton

Marina Thompson was one of the most frustrating characters in Bridgerton. Her situation is precarious, and she had few options in Regency-era London, so her plot to marry Colin Bridgerton was somewhat understandable. Still, her selfishness and erratic behavior did little to endear her to audiences.

The season ends with her departing London engaged to Phillip Crane, the brother of the man she loved and who died in battle. Fans of the book are familiar with Phillip; he is Eloise’s love interest in the fifth book, which takes place a year after Marina’s death. It’s unclear if Marina will return in season two, but things don’t bode well for her.

Colin Left On A World Tour

And speaking of Marina, her main love interest, Colin Bridgerton, ends season one on a much more hopeful note. Colin is kind and honorable, even agreeing to marry her after learning she’s in love with another man. Still, their romance was never particularly popular, with many fans deeming them one of the Bridgerton couples they couldn’t stand.

After the breakup of his engagement, Colin decides to leave London on the often-teased world tour he was planning at the beginning of the season. It’s still unknown if he’ll be back when season two starts or if he’ll return down the line.

The Featheringtons Are In Ruin

Lord Featherington and Portia Featherington

The Featheringtons were a constant presence throughout season one but were never particularly popular with fans. The matriarch, Portia, was especially controversial, but the daughters, particularly Penelope, were well-received.

Season one ends badly for the colorful family after Baron Featherington’s death; furthermore, his many gambling debts put the family in financial ruin. Season two will surely deal with the aftermath for the family, paying particular interest in Penelope and her double life.

Eloise Is Still After Lady Whistledown

Eloise Bridgerton lying on a couch laughing

Many consider Eloise to be the best character in Bridgerton. She’s curious, remarkably intelligent, perceptive, and unwilling to conform to the role society expects of her.

Eloise leads the crusade to find who Lady Whistledown is, eventually concluding that dressmaker and Benedict’s lover, Genevieve Delacroix, must be the infamous whistleblower. However, season one ends with her realizing Genevieve isn’t Lady Whistledow, meaning her investigation will carry on in season two. And considering her close friendship with Penelope Featherington, Eloise might actually crack the mystery.

Anthony Is Seemingly Done With Love

Anthony spent most of season one engaged in a torrid love affair with opera singer Siena Rosso. He even considers legitimizing their relationship against his family’s wishes, but she turns him down, claiming she’ll never belong to his world and it’s best if they separate.

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The disappointment takes a toll on Anthony, making him even more bitter than usual. He goes so far as to claim he’ll marry for the sake of his reputation, putting love on the back burner. Of course, fans know that things will change once Kate Sharma arrives at the picture, but it’ll still be interesting to see the extra brooding Anthony dealing with the notoriously haughty Kate.

Penelope Featherington Is Lady Whistledown

Penelope Featherington Lady Whistledown Bridgerton season 2

Bridgerton threw a massive curveball at the end of season one by seemingly revealing the real identity of the show’s all-seeing whistleblower, Lady Whistledown. The season’s final scenes presented Penelope Featherington, the sweet girl hopelessly devoted to Colin Bridgerton, as Lady Whistledown, answering one of the show’s biggest questions while opening up a new can of worms.

The reveal was a perfect way to end the season. Bridgerton had many characters fans thought could be Lady Whistledown, but Penelope wasn’t at the top of that list; alas, the show’s writers shocked their audience with their choice. Season two will surely continue Pen’s storyline, perhaps exploring her dual identity more deeply. Her relationship with Eloise could also take center stage, considering that Eloise will remain undeterred in her goal to discover the Lady’s identity.

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