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Bridgerton’s Whistledown Reveal Improves Eloise & Daphne’s Season 3 Story

Bridgerton’s Whistledown reveal was devastating for Eloise. However, the show can use this to improve Daphne and Eloise’s season 3 story.

Lady Whistledown’s identity reveal ends Bridgerton season 2 on a dramatic note, but it can also make the season 3 story between Eloise and Daphne better. The main focus of each season of Netflix’s historical romantic drama is the romance involving one of the Bridgerton children, though there are also stories involving the other siblings. Bridgerton season 3 has the opportunity to use one of the book’s subplots to improve Eloise and Daphne’s relationship.

Bridgerton season 2 focuses on Anthony’s (Jonathan Bailey) search for a wife and eventual enemies-to-lovers relationship with Kate (Simone Ashley), though it also features a subplot of Eloise (Claudia Jessie) continuing her search for Lady Whistledown’s identity. Eloise is especially determined after Queen Charlotte (Golda Rosheuvel) accuses her of being the anonymous gossip columnist. Penelope (Nicola Coughlan) spends the season trying to conceal her identity from her best friend and exposes Eloise’s unchaperoned visits with Theo (Calam Lynch) and other political radicals in an attempt to clear her from Queen Charlotte’s suspicion. In the Bridgerton season 2 finale, Eloise realizes Penelope’s secret and angrily confronts her about it. Eloise and Penelope argue, causing a huge rift in their friendship.


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Though the Lady Whistledown revelation has fractured the friendship between Eloise and Penelope, it could also make the sibling relationship between Eloise and Daphne (Phoebe Dynevor) stronger. The two of them don’t seem to have a very strong sibling bond, especially compared to Eloise’s kinship with Benedict over their nontraditional passions and dislike of societal restrictions or even Daphne and Anthony’s dynamic. The two oldest Bridgerton sisters don’t seem to have much in common; Daphne was willing to enter society to find a husband, while Eloise is resistant to the idea of marriage and would rather spend her time reading. However, the conflict that follows Eloise’s reveal of Lady Whistledown could bring Eloise and Daphne closer. Now that Eloise has ended her friendship with Penelope, she can seek another female companion to confide in. This could be an opportunity in Bridgerton season 3 for Eloise to reach out to her older sister for comfort and advice.

Bridgerton Season 3 Needs To Bring Daphne And Eloise Closer

Daphne was a great sounding board and voice of reason for Anthony during his journey to secure a wife in Bridgerton season 2. However, Daphne could definitely help out with non-romantic problems as well. She is a very sensitive and caring person who would definitely know how to comfort Eloise, especially since Daphne knows what it’s like to be hurt by Lady Whistledown’s words. Daphne could possibly also be the one to help Eloise and Penelope mend their friendship since she knows firsthand how incredibly close the two of them used to be.

Daphne and Eloise don’t have a deep emotional bond, but Bridgerton season 3’s story can change this. Eloise’s discovery of Lady Whistledown could lead to her seeking solace in Daphne, or perhaps a perceptive Daphne could talk to her younger sister to find out what’s troubling her. Bridgerton should take the chance to make Eloise and Daphne’s relationship stronger and better than before.

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