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Chainsaw Man’s Anime Premiere Just Spoiled The Manga’s Ending

Warning: SPOILERS for Chainsaw Man chapter 96A one-second scene in Chainsaw Man‘s opening song actually references a pivotal scene in the final moments of the manga’s first part. Of course, those whose only knowledge of Chainsaw Man is the anime have no idea that what they just saw basically spoils the ending, but fans who finished part one of the manga can’t help but think of that intense moment.

Chainsaw Man‘s now iconic opening song 『KICK BACK』by Kenshi Yonezu has already garnered quite a bit of attention. There are already many fan conversations discussing the impressive amount of movie references from other genres included in the anime’s intro. The theme song also nods to various moments in the manga, even though these scenes don’t actually occur in Chainsaw Man, like a long nine-second shot of various characters sitting together in a movie theater.


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But there are also scenes directly taken from the actual manga that made it into the opener, and one of them occurs in chapter 96, the second to last chapter of part one. At one minute and 13 seconds into the intro, the camera focuses on a hand breaking an egg before cutting out to Denji, revealing that he was the one who broke the egg initially as he makes something in an apartment’s kitchenette. It might not seem like much, but it’s highly important to note what he’s cooking and why. And chapter 96 answers that. While Chainsaw Man is an incredibly violent story, this seemingly innocuous scene is one of its most disturbing.

Why This Scene is so Disturbing in Chainsaw Man’s Manga

It’s noteworthy that Denji isn’t known for cooking. Upon joining Makima’s devil hunters as Chainsaw Man, Denji moves into the apartment of fellow devil hunter Aki who often prepares breakfast for him and later Power. The one time fans can ever remember Denji making anything in a kitchen is after his pivotal fight scene with Makima that ends in Denji cooking and eating her. Could that one-second scene in the anime opener be a direct reference to the manga’s meaning?

Is Chainsaw Man’s Anime Opening Referencing the Manga’s Ending?

While it’s possible the anime’s scene is foreshadowing, there are, unfortunately, some discrepancies. For one, it isn’t obvious that eggs are used in ginger-fried meat and onions. If Denji was working with meat and onions in the anime opener, then it would have been more direct. The use of egg therefore just casts some doubt on the possibility. That, and the rooms are off. In Denji’s kitchen in the manga, the kitchen counter is facing a window. In the anime opener, the kitchen counter is facing a wide open space. Could the anime producers change the layout of the room to create a much more dramatic shot for the opener and eventual anime episode? It’s possible.

Regardless, fans of the original story can’t help themselves but connect these moments in their mind because of how iconic (and disturbing) the scene is in Chainsaw Man’s manga. Luckily, anime-only viewers could never in a million years think that what Denji is cooking in the opener could be anything more than just him cooking. But it’s obviously much more complicated than that, just like Chainsaw Man.

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Chainsaw Man is now streaming on Crunchyroll!

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