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Chip ‘N Dale Rescue Rangers: 10 More Classic Disney Characters Who Need A Comeback

Hardcore Disney fans who have seen the new Rescue Rangers movie not only took in a massive amount of fan service but were constantly reminded that the film was a comeback and not a reboot or remake. The idea of a “comeback” is something the studio needs to explore even further, and they have more than a few wonderful characters that are in desperate need of a return to modern media.

Chip and Dale weren’t the only characters present in the ’90s throwback, nor were they the only ones greatly admired and missed by modern fans. While Disney has tried with mixed results to bring back some of its older properties with live-action remakes, now would be a great time to breathe new life into some of its most beloved characters in a way that more closely resembles their original works.


Robin Hood (Robin Hood)

Disney's Robin Hood with an arrow through his hat

Chances are, Disney’s adaptation of Robin Hood was likely the first incarnation of the character most viewers were exposed to. Since it’s somewhat developed a cult status over the years, it might be a good time to bring the charming fox back to the mainstream. After all, Robin Hood had many adventures other than saving Maid Marian from Prince John and besting the Sherrif of Nottingham.

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With the popularity of shows like Game of Thrones and Vox Machina, there’s no reason that Robin Hood and his gang of Merrymen couldn’t have their own animated medieval series.

Mickey And Friends (House Of Mouse)

Mickey Minnie and Goofy hosting the House of mouse

One of the most ambitious animated series that Disney ever produced was House of Mouse, and there’s not a Disney animation fan out there who wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to see an updated version of Mickey’s club of classic characters. The idea of so many faces of Disney mixing and mingling all under one roof is just as desirable now as it was then, especially with so many new characters to include from more recent films.

The Rescue Rangers movie isn’t the only evidence that Disney could do this and do it well, just look at all the cameos seen in Ralph Breaks the Internet.  There’s simply too much potential to ignore, and it would also give Mickey another chance to shine in a leadership role.

Roger Rabbit (Who Framed Roger Rabbit)

Bob Hoskins in Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Chip ‘N Dale Rescue Rangers has been called this generation’s Who Framed Roger Rabbit, so it might be time to pull Roger out of mothballs and bring him back for an actual sequel. Though there’s been little evidence of it in recent decades, there was a time when Roger saturated the ’90s before he phased his way out of the public eye. A sequel/comeback could explain why.

Roger might benefit from a biopic in the style of Where Are They Now, unless Disney wants to finally pull Toon Platoon, an unreleased Roger Rabit prequel, out of development hell.

TJ And His Friends (Recess)

Although it might be a stretch for Disney, one thing they should consider tackling is an adult-oriented animation series. This doesn’t mean they have to use any non-family-friendly humor, but the Rescue Rangers movie showed that they can handle something a little more mature. A return to Third Street might be the best way to accomplish that.

With TJ, Spinelli, Vince, Gretchen, Mikey, and Gus well into adulthood if they’ve agreed along with real-time, it would be interesting to see a Recess reunion. The show always attempted to deal with serious issues like biases, inclusiveness, and acceptance, so it would be interesting to see it handled without the lens of an elementary school.

Baloo And Kitt (Talespin)

TaleSpin Banned TV Show Episodes

Although it might have him giving up his CGI makeover, the idea of Baloo returning to Cape Suzette wouldn’t be an awful concept, epecially since there are multiple avenues and angles to spin the story.

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Baloo might be coming out of retirement for one last adventure, or he might be passing down the Sea Duck to an older Kit Cloudkicker as shown in the Ducktales reboot. Whatever the reason, the lovable bear would be getting back to more than just the bare necessities. Needless to say, there is certainly enough potential to warrant consideration.

Stitch (Lilo And Stitch)

Lilo and Stitch dancing.

Though it’s been a while since Sitch’s film and television series were released, his popularity has done anything but dwindle in recent years. While the Lilo and Stitch’s earlier adventures saw them hunt alien experiments like Pokémon, an interesting change of pace may be to have them travel out to alien turf.

The idea of an older Lilo and her little blue friend acting as Earth ambassadors for the galactic council is one Disney fans have tossed around, and it may be different enough from the originals to give the project merit.

Darkwing Duck (Darkwing Duck)

Drake Mallard in Darkwing Duck

If the ending of the Rescue Rangers movie was any indication, it looks like Darkwing Duck might be the next on the list to receive a Disney revival. If his appearance on the DuckTales reboot was any indication as well, the likelihood of seeing this beloved character seems all but guaranteed.

A new take on the terror that flaps in the night doesn’t have to be overly complicated, but it should definitely make use of the comic book art style seen in DuckTales. Since Disney has had ownership of Marvel for some time, the studio certainly has plenty of experience developing exciting superhero projects that click with all age groups and demographics.

Goofy And Max (Goof Troop)

Goofy and his son Max in A Goofy Movie (1995)

A Goofy Movie has maintained a solid fan following since its release, but since fans have already seen Goofy raising his son Max and even going off to college with him, it might be a little difficult to decide where to go next. Again, this would be an ample opportunity for Disney to try their hand at something aimed at a more adult audience, but with that same silly slapstick that Goofy is famous for.

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A millennial version of Max might be a bit of a stretch, but it could open the door for some relatable humor. Worst case scenario, all Disney needs to do is give Goofy a chance to be funny, and laughs will come rolling in.

Winnie The Pooh (The New Adventures Of Winnie the Pooh)

Piglet offering Winnie the Pooh a hunny pot

With a horror adaptation underway thanks to Pooh’s newfound status in the public domain, Disney might want to think about bringing the willy-nilly-silly-old-bear back into the spotlight to remind a new generation of fans what made the lovable bear so popular in the first placePooh has certainly had an impressive career under Disney, but it’s high time he had a classic, animated adventure series again.

The New Adventures of Winnie The Pooh put Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, and all the rest of the Hundred Acre Wood in a more contemporary light, and it ran for four seasons. With its cottagecore nature and charming characters, a more current adaptation wouldn’t be a bad idea so long as the studio keeps to Pooh’s storybook roots.

Goliath And His Clan (Gargoyles)

Gargoyles standing together

A comeback or a reboot would greatly benefit Goliath and the rest of the gargoyles protecting New York City. Considered by many Disney fans to be one of the greatest television creations of the ’90s from the studio, bringing back one of the original superhero shows that wasn’t afraid of showing its dark side could usher in a new generation of fans.

Since the gargoyles are immortal beings unless they are destroyed in their stone forms, seeing a new clan under Goliath’s teachings or a continuation of the group’s adventures in a modern NYC wouldn’t be improbable. With the popularization of adult animation entertainment since Gargoyles was on the air, the show could be a hit for all ages.

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