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Could Victoria Kill Homelander in The Boys Season 3? Star Responds

The Boys season 3 star Claudia Doumit opens up about her character, Victoria Neuman, and whether she can kill Anthony Starr’s villain Homelander.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for The Boys season 3

The Boys season 3 star Claudia Doumit weighs in on whether her character, Victoria Neuman, can kill Homelander (Anthony Starr). The subversive and satirical superhero show has been enjoying significant popularity on Prime Video, based on the titular vigilantes’ fight against the corrupt, commercialized superhero team, The Seven. The Boys season 3 premiered in June, and upped the ante on the audacious series by introducing the original supe Solider Boy (Jensen Ackles) and giving Billy (Karl Urban) and the gang provisional superpowers. Last Friday, The Boys season 3 aired its explosive penultimate episode that included startling revelations. The Boys season 3 finale will release on July 8.


In season 3, The Boys made Doumit’s Victoria Neuman a series regular. After being initially introduced as an unsuspecting congresswoman who publicly opposed Vought, Neuman was later revealed to be the infamous supe Head Popper in the The Boys season 2 finale. In season 3, her origins were further explored, as viewers learned that Neuman’s real name is Nadia, and that she is Stan Edgar’s (Giancarlo Esposito) adoptive daughter. Currently, Neuman’s motives remain obscure, although viewers are curious to see who she ends up siding with, and why has she been manipulating those around her.

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Now in a new interview with TVLine, Doumit reveals whether her character can kill Homelander in The Boys season 3. The actress pointed out that this idea has come up previously, as Homelander jokingly provoked her to fight him, but she did not go through with it. Doumit believes that Neuman is a smart woman, and probably has an idea of how things would go down if she decides to fight Homelander. However, the actor doesn’t think Victoria would do something so radical, saying:

“We’ve had discussions about this. There’s a brief glimpse that you get in Season 3, where Homelander is all of a sudden in her room, and I think he says something along the lines of, “You’re thinking of popping my melon right now, aren’t you?” and then he goes, “Go ahead, give it a try. See if it works.” I think in that moment, she probably is assessing whether or not she can kill Homelander, and I don’t think it would be as simple as any of her other kills. I think she knows that, and I think she’s doing what she does best in that situation, which is playing the slow game and playing by strategy. She’s very much that kind of a character. So she probably has an inkling of how that would go down, and maybe the situation would just need to be better aligned for her. She’s a smart woman, she’s intelligent character. She knows when she’s in a good position, and she knows when she needs to fight. So I think she’s maybe seeing what the odds are with her and Homelander. Keep your friends close and keep your enemies closer, and that’ll just give her a chance to analyze Homelander’s weaknesses.”

Doumit points out that Neuman is intelligent, diplomatic, and watchful of her enemies. Indeed, Victoria has become known throughout The Boys for knowing how to pick her battles, and analyzing her foes’ weak points so she can exploit them in difficult times. This has been a major part of The Boys season 3, as Neuman sought to build an alliance and bring her plans to fruition. While she failed to strike a partnership with Hughie (Jack Quaid) and Starlight (Erin Moriarty), Victoria now has her hands on something that Homelander desperately needs. If the need arises, Doumit’s comments suggest that Victoria is definitely ready to face Homelander The Boys season 3 finale.

Regardless of whether Neuman can kill the supe or not, Homelander undoubtedly finds himself in a tight spot ahead of the season 3 finale. His misdeeds are now public, and practically everyone is out for his life. His best hope right now is Soldier Boy, who in the previous episode was revealed to be his father. And though Soldier Boy might have a soft spot for him, there is always the chance that he will finish the job he promised Billy he would do. With that in mind, it’s likely that Neuman could be just one person facing Homelander in The Boys season 3. Regardless, the dangerous dynamic between Homelander and Victoria will be futher explored in The Boys season 3 finale.

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Source: TVLine

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