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Cruella Cast & Character Guide: Where You Know The Actors From

Here’s the cast and character guide for Disney’s live-action villain origin story, Cruella. Debuting on the big screen in 1961’s animated One Hundred and One Dalmatians, Cruella de Vil is the Dalmation-hating villain with a vendetta. The origin story, a prequel of sorts to the 90s live-action 101 Dalmatians starring Glenn Close as Cruella de Vil, sees the titular character’s early days taking front and center. 

As a live-action adaptation of a well-known character, Cruella features a slew of familiar names from the animated movie and the 90s film. Since Cruella is an origin story, each character gets their time to shine onscreen, as the story weaves together how Estella became Cruella de Vil. The film delves into the details regarding how all the characters came to be connected to the famous villain turned anti-hero with the two-toned hair.


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From familiar faces to new additions, here is every character who appears in the live-action Cruella. We break down who plays them and what other films and TV shows the cast has previously starred in. 

Emma Stone as Estella/Cruella de Vil

Emma Stone in Disney's Cruella

Before becoming Cruella, she was Estella, a mischievous young girl who dreamt of becoming a fashion designer. Estella takes on the name Cruella as an adult, as well as a dual personality to achieve her plans. Emma Stone is most notable for her roles in Easy A, Zombieland, playing Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man movies, Crazy, Stupid, Love, The Favourite, and La La Land, which saw her reunite with Ryan Gosling.

Emma Thompson as Baroness von Hellman

Baroness von Hellman is Estella’s boss and a famed fashion designer. Her character can be compared to Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada. She runs a fashion empire in the 1970s, knows she is the best, and hates when others try to steal her shine. Emma Thompson is a famous face who has been acting for decades, taking on a variety of roles in well-known films like Love Actually, Nanny McPhee, Sense and Sensibility, Brave, and Saving Mr. Banks, where she starred as the author of Mary Poppins, P.L. Travers. Thomson also played Professor Trelawney in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and others, and co-starred alongside Mindy Kaling in Late Night

Joel Fry as Jasper Badun

Jasper Badun is Estella’s sensible childhood friend and thief who aids Cruella in her schemes to make a name for herself, though he’s a bit put off by the changes he sees in Estella, whom he likes better than Cruella. Joel Fry starred in the horror film In the Earth and has been in the Beatles-inspired film Yesterday, the TV series Drunk History and the romantic comedy Love, Wedding, Repeat. Most recently, he’s also been a mainstay in Taika Waitit’s series, Our Flag Means Death. Fry also had a recurring role in Game of Thrones as Hizdahr zo Loraq.

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Paul Walter Hauser as Horace Badun

Horace is also a thief and is the final member of Estella’s little trio, supporting her transformation from Estella to Cruella without as much hesitancy as Jasper. Paul Walter Hauser has starred in I, Tonya, Spike Lee’s BlacKkKlansman, Da 5 Bloods, and the TV shows Kingdom and Cobra Kai.

Kirby Howell-Baptiste as Anita Darling

Anita Darling went to school with Estella, with the two becoming friends after being bullied by other students. Anita grows up to be a journalist who writes about Cruella’s fashion spectacles. Fans might recognize the character best as the owner of Perdita (and later Pongo), the dogs Cruella attempts to steal in the animated and live-action 101 Dalmatians films. In Cruella, it’s established that Anita has always been called Anita Darling by the titular character. Kirby Howell-Baptiste has been in various well-known projects, including The Good Place, Barry, Veronica Mars, Killing Eve, and Why Women Kill.

Mark Strong as John 

Mark Strong in Cruella

John works for the Baroness as a valet, but he knows many of her twisted secrets. Mark Strong has had a long career, starring in films like Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Green Lantern, Zero Dark Thirty, Kingsman: The Secret Service, and Shazam! Strong has also starred in John Carter, Body of Lies, and the sci-fi thriller Sunshine

Cruella Supporting Cast

John McCrea as Artie – Artie is the owner of a local fashion store in London who immediately takes to Cruella, who finds herself wearing many of Artie’s vintage pieces to a few events. Artie is gay and thinks being normal is the worst insult one could lobby at someone else. John McCrea has but a handful of credits to his name, but the actor most notably starred in the series Giri/Haji. McCrea has also had roles in Dracula, The Sandman, God’s Own Country, and the upcoming musical film adaptation of Everybody’s Talking About Jamie.

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Kayvan Novak as Roger – Roger is the Baroness’ lawyer, who ensures that all of her issues are taken care of. Considering how deceitful the Baroness can be, Roger’s job isn’t as easy as it seems. Roger’s last name isn’t mentioned, but he’s likely the Roger from the original animated film, who goes on to meet and marry Anita. Kayvan Novak is an actor and comedian who has starred in films like Syriana, Men in Black: International, and Paddington. He’s perhaps primarily known for playing Nandor the Relentless in the acclaimed FX show What We Do in the Shadows. Novak also appeared in the Doctor Who Christmas special episode, “The Time of the Doctor.”

Jamie Demetriou as Gerald – Gerald is a clerk at Liberty, the Baroness’ fashion store in London. He dislikes Estella when she starts working at the store and does his utmost to impress the Baroness, even if that means throwing others under the bus to do it. Jamie Demetriou is an actor and screenwriter who has been in Fleabag, Hulu’s The Great, Paddington 2, the TV series Four Weddings and a Funeral, Miracle Workers, and Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga.

Tipper Seifert-Cleveland as Young Estella – 12-year-old Estella is mischievous and always getting into trouble at school. She doesn’t take crap from bullies and works to defend herself and Anita Darling, which always lands her in the principal’s office. Tipper Seifert-Cleveland is most known for playing Ona in Syfy’s short-lived Krypton series. The actress has also been in Game of Thrones and Emily and the Magical Journey.

Emily Beecham as Catherine – Catherine is Estella’s beloved mother who believes her daughter should try to fit in better to prevent drawing so much attention to herself at school. Catherine wanted to move to London to make a better life for her daughter in the hopes they could start fresh. In the past, Catherine worked as a maid. Emily Beecham is known for her role in Into the Badlands, 28 Weeks Later, and the romantic anthology Berlin, I Love You.

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Abraham Popoola as George – George is the head of the Baroness’ security who attempts to thwart Cruella’s party-crashing ways. Abraham Popoola has starred in The GreatJingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey, and The Dark Tower. He also appears in Sony’s Morbius movie.

Tom Turner as the Baron von Hellman – Baron von Hellman is the Baroness’ late husband and is seen in a flashback to her past. Tom Turner has had roles in the live-action Beauty and the BeastReady Player One, and The Crown.

Leo Bill as Headmaster – The headmaster was not very keen about Estella during her school years and she always ended up in his office as he exasperatedly marked her down for bad behavior. Leo Bill has starred in 28 Days Later…Becoming JaneThe Girl with the Dragon TattooAlice Through the Looking Glass, and Hamlet.

Ziggy Gardner as Young Jasper – The 12-year-old version Jasper was happy to take Estella in when she had no one. Cruella is Ziggy Gardner’s first acting role.

Joseph MacDonald as Young Horace – 12-year-old Horace wasn’t as interested in helping Estella, but he came around. Joseph MacDonald has been in Ti Laurent, but Disney’s live-action Cruella movie is his biggest role to date.

Florisa Kamara as Young Anita – 12-year-old Anita is Estella’s friend in school before Estella moves to London. Florisa Kamara’s major role has been in the TV series Bulletproof and EastEnders.

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Every Actress Who Has Played Cruella

cruella de vil Emma stone glenn close 101 dalmatians

While Emma Stone’s turn as Cruella is impressive, she’s far from the first actress to take on the role. Beginning with Disney’s classic animated feature One Hundred and One Dalmatians in 1961, a total of eight actresses have lent their talents to playing the maniacal fur-loving villain. They are as follows:

  • Betty Lou Gerson – The original voice of Cruella in the 1961 animation, Gerson was awarded a Disney Legend Award in 1996 for her work.
  • Glenn Close – Probably the most iconic live-action Cruella, Glenn Close starred in the 1996 adaptation, 101 Dalmatians.
  • April Winchell – Winchell has voiced a staggering number of animated characters in her career, and she voiced Cruella de Vil in 101 Dalmatians: The Series in the late 1990s.
  • Susanne Blakeslee – Blakeslee might hold the record for having held the Cruella role the longest, having voiced the character in Disney animations, video games, and more since 2001.
  • Wendy Raquel Robinson – The first black Cruella was featured in the Disney Channel original movie, Descendants, in 2015. She was played by Wendy Raquel Robinson.
  • Victoria Smurfit – 2015 also saw a live-action Cruella take the small screen in ABC’s Once Upon a Time, played by Irish actress Victoria Smurfit.
  • Michelle Gomez – Cruella’s animated adventures continued in 2019’s 101 Dalmatian Street, in which the villain is voiced by Scottish actress Michelle Gomez.

Last but not least, of course, is Emma Stone’s excellent performance in 2021’s Cruella.

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