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CSI: Vegas Image Shows Grissom & Sarah Investigating a Trashed Crime Scene

A new image for the upcoming CSI: Vegas epilogue series shows Gil Grissom and Sarah Sidle do what they do best, investigating a trashed crime scene.

Gil Grissom and Sarah Sidle are back investigating a trashed crime scene in a new image from the upcoming CBS series CSI: Vegas. The American crime TV show is a limited series and serves as a sequel/epilogue to the long-running original show, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. The new CSI: Vegas will see William Petersen reprise his role as the highly respected forensic entomologist Grissom while Jorja Fox will once again play Sidle, the materials and element analyst who also serves as the love interest to Grissom.

The original CSI: Crime Scene Investigation ran for 15 years from October 2000 to September 2015. During its run, the series garnered over 73.8 million worldwide viewers (in 2009) and reached milestone episodes, which included the 100th (“Ch-Ch-Changes”), 200th (“Mascara”), and 300th (“Frame by Frame”). By 2016, the series was given the title of the most watched show in the world for the sixth time, a title earned for more years than any other show. The successful series would go on to spawn three spin-off series, several video games, and a set of novels. CSI concluded with a feature length, two-hour series finale called “Immortality” that aired in 2015 and ended with Grissom confessing his love for Sarah, which then saw the pair sail off together from the Port of San Diego.

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EW released an exclusive look at a new image from CSI: Vegas that shows Grissom and Sarah investigating a trashed crime scene. Donning their white latex gloves, the pair look over the crime scene at what appears to be a dead body tied to an overturned desk chair. Along with the image, Fox offered a few comments, saying “it’s Groundhog Day” when referring to the upcoming series, although she also teased “a crazy twist” that involves Capt. Jim Brass (Paul Guilfoyle). View the entire image below:

Let the Chips Fall
CSI: Vegas
“Let the Chips Fall”
Pictured L-R: William Petersen as Dr. Gil Grissom and Jorja Fox as Sara Sidle

While the plot of CSI: Vegas is fairly vague, it’s said to revolve around Grissom and Sarah teaming up with the CSI lab’s new boss, played by Paula Newsome, after learning Brass’ connection to a crime scene. The pair will also team up with new investigators, such as Kingdom’s Matt Lauria, as well as old pals, including lab tech David Hodges (Wallace Langham). Although it seems like old times for Grissom and Sarah, Fox does add that “we do see them stay in a swanky hotel they [previously] couldn’t afford!” Serving as a continuation of the original series, the CSI: Vegas trailer released last month indicates that everything Grissom and Sarah have achieved is in danger of unravelling, setting the stakes even higher.

Originally meant to premiere in October of 2020 to mark the twentieth anniversary of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, the upcoming series was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. With fans eager to see Grissom and Sarah reunite and do what they do best, investigate crime scenes, the image above is a great teaser that is sure to hold fans over. Audiences can expect to see their favorite pair of investigators tackling new crime scenes once CSI: Vegas premieres on October 6.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly

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