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DC Pokes Fun At Suicide Squad’s Enchantress Movie Costume

The Enchantress’ outfit in 2016’s Suicide Squad film was controversial for its revealing nature, and DC pokes fun at it in Superman and the Authority.

Spoilers ahead for Superman and the Authority #3!

In 2016’s Suicide Squad film, the Enchantress’ costume came under fire, and now DC Comics just poked fun at it in Superman and the Authority #3, on sale now in print and digital. The film’s central villain, the Enchantress’ outfit was controversial due to its skimpy nature and how inaccurate it was to her comic book look. Now, DC’s writers are having fun with it too.

The Enchantress first appeared in 1966’s Strange Adventures #187, created by writer Bob Haney and artist Howard Purcell. The Enchantress was once grad student June Moone, who, while at a costume party at an old castle, stumbled upon a demon who gave her fantastic magical powers. Initially portrayed as a hero, the character quickly became a villain. However, in recent years, she has been portrayed in a far more sympathetic light; she has turned into an anti-hero and has served stints with the Suicide Squad, the Shadowpact, and Justice League Dark. The Enchantress made the leap to live-action in David Ayer’s 2016 Suicide Squad, played by Cara Delevinge. The character’s villainous side was on full display in the film and the portrayal was met with mixed reactions from critics and fans. Some of the criticism was aimed at The Enchantress’ costume, which was completely different than her comics outfit—and this gets a hilarious callout in Superman and the Authority #3, written by Grant Morrison with art by Mike Janin and Travel Foreman, colors by Jordie Bellaire and Alex Sinclair and letters by Steve Wands.

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Superman is assembling a new version of the Authority and the Enchantress is his newest recruit. After the team saves her from an evil demon, the Enchantress, while grateful, is not interested in joining. However, they manage to convince her to stay, and as they head to their next mission, Enchantress makes a quip about serving in the Suicide Squad “in her underwear” and that this team is “the Brady Bunch” next to the Suicide Squad.

The Enchantress calls out her Suicide Squad outfit

The line calls out her movie costume. In the comics, the Enchantress’ outfit usually resembles that of stereotypical depictions of witches—with the pointy hats and dark cloaks. Other times, it resembles a traditional superhero costume. The Enchantress’ movie outfit was described as resembling a belly dancer outfit—and the description is apt. Some fans took issue with this portrayal, citing the fact it was not accurate to the comics, as well as unnecessarily sexualizing a character.

In Superman and the Authority #3, the Enchantress is back in a more classic outfit—and she could not resist taking a dig about her old look, and her former team. The Enchantress’ outfit was one of many issues plaguing 2016’s Suicide Squad, and now DC pokes fun at it—and makes it right.

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