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Deadpool 2 Made Adam Project Star’s Ryan Reynolds Impression So Good

Director Shawn Levy reveals that Walker Scobell’s love for Deadpool 2 helped the young star keep up with Ryan Reynolds on The Adam Project.

The Adam Project director Shawn Levy reveals the reason why the film’s young star’s Ryan Reynolds impression is so spot-on. Netflix released The Adam Project on March 11, 2022, and the sci-fi action comedy currently holds the top place in Netflix’s Top 10 for the U.S. The Adam Project’s story follows Adam Reed, a time pilot from the year 2050 who accidentally meets his twelve-year-old self in 2022 and must enlist the help of his younger self to prevent a dystopian future and rescue his wife.

Based on a script originally written by T.S. Nowlin (The Maze Runner)The Adam Project is directed by Levy (Stranger Things, Free Guy) using Jonathan Tropper’s final script. The film’s star-studded cast includes Jennifer Garner as Adam’s mom Ellie, Mark Ruffalo as Adam’s dad Louis, Zoe Saldaña as Adam’s wife and fellow time pilot Laura, and Catherine Keener as the film’s antagonist Maya Sorian. Reynolds leads The Adam Project as Adam Reed with his young co-star Walker Scobell keeping pace with him as the twelve-year-old version of his character Adam.


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In a recent interview with The Wrap, director Levy revealed how Scobell managed to match Reynolds’s energy step-for-step despite being a newcomer to acting. Levy explained that Scobell’s terrific performance was due not only to his natural talent but also to his extreme love for Deadpool. According to Levy, Scobell had been watching Deadpool since he was seven and could recite Deadpool 2 from memory. The result of being a Deadpool mega-fan was that Scobell had already mastered his Ryan Reynolds impression before his audition. Read Levy’s full story about Scobell’s talent below:

“In the same way that you can’t direct someone to be funny, you also can’t direct someone to be more Ryan Reynolds-ish…We found Walker who was authentic, utterly inexperienced and super grounded and real as a result. What I didn’t know is that Walker has been watching ‘Deadpool’ since he was 7. So he shows up day one, he somehow knows exactly the way Ryan would say everything – and Ryan and I are like, ‘What is happening? Why do you know every inflection, every pause, every talk-fast, every talk-slow?’ And Walker’s like, ‘I can recite ‘Deadpool 2’, you want me to?’ And we were like, ‘F—k off.’ Cut to he recites all of the movie, including like screen direction. So this kid coincidentally was brilliant but also a mega-fan, so his intuitive sense of the Ryan-ish way to play things was baked in. I didn’t need to worry about that, so we could flow with improv and feed the kid lines, which we did 50 times a day, but he would always spit it out the way Ryan would because he was such an avid fan of Ryan’s coming into the process.”

Levy’s praise for Scobell’s talent is a high compliment, especially considering the director’s previous experience. In Levy’s time working as an executive producer and one of the directors for Netflix’s critically-acclaimed Stranger Things, he worked with several award-winning young actors who had little experience before the show, so it is fair to say that the director knows talent when he sees it. While it is clear that Scobell’s love for Reynolds’s previous role made him uniquely well-suited for The Adam Project, there is no discounting the skill required for Scobell to keep up with Reynolds on set.

Although The Adam Project has been receiving mixed reviews, there is no doubt of its young star’s talent. Even Levy admits that he couldn’t direct someone to be more like Ryan Reynolds. Considering The Adam Project is Scobell’s first movie credit, it is exciting to see such a performance from him, and the prospect of seeing more of the actor is definitely exciting.

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Source: The Wrap

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