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Deathloop: How To Open The Apartment Safe

During the first day of Deathloop, players will be able to open safe in Colt’s Apartment, but the contents are different from what Colt expects.

Manipulating time, gathering intel on enemies, and solving puzzles are some of the major features of Deathloop. Throughout the game, players will be challenged with complex mysteries, difficult combat, and even trivia questions. The secrets to uncover start right away as players move through the opening mission of Deathloop.

Although there are a lot of puzzles in Deathloop, some of them can be resolved by simply continuing to play the game. Completing the main missions will guide players in solving a good portion of the game’s mysteries. For example, the process of opening the Mysterious Door in Updaam and unlocking the safe in Colt’s Apartment will be revealed as the story progresses.

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Colt’s Apartment safe can be opened early in the game during the first day. The Apartment is located in Updaam and can be reached by entering through the open window. The safe inside will require a code from the AEON Security Office. Unfortunately, by the time Colt has the code and returns, the contents of the safe are stolen by Julianna. Fighting Julianna and starting the loop over will allow Colt to grab the LPP in the safe first. The LPP is not a gun like Colt wants, but instead a protocol document for breaking the loop.

Unlocking Colt’s Apartment Safe in Deathloop

Deathloop - Open Apartment Safe

During the first mission, The Longest Day, players will be able to find the safe code and open it. After learning about the time loop, Colt will need to travel to the AEON Security Office in Fristad Rock in search of the LPP. There are enemies to fight or sneak around outside the office. Colt must go around to the back of the office and use the Hackimajig on the antenna to open the door. Inside, there’s a document pinned to the desk that says the security office is actually Colt’s office and the LPP is in his safe at the Apartment.

Colt will then need to head back to the Apartment in Updaam and read the note left by Julianna in the safe. A conversation between Colt and Julianna will start, and she explains that she’s invading Updaam and has locked the tunnels. The broadcast signal right outside the Apartment can be hacked to reopen the tunnels, but Julianna will show up for a fight. Players can either run from her and head for the tunnels or stay and defeat her.

Julianna will likely have Eternalists with her and teleport between rooftops. It’s easier to defeat Julianna when Colt is on higher ground, so players should unleash a full assault once she is on the lower rooftops. After defeating her or running, the loop can be restarted so Colt will be able to grab what is in the safe before Julianna. The LPP inside the safe describes the Visionaries and how to break the loop. Opening the safe in Colt’s Apartment is a significant part of Deathloop that players can’t miss.

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Deathloop is available now for Playstation 5 and PC.

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