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Demi Burnett Reveals If She’ll Do Bachelor In Paradise Again

After a tumultuous two seasons on Bachelor In Paradise, Demi Burnett is finally revealing whether or not she’ll be on the beaches of Mexico again.

After much speculation, Bachelor In Paradise‘s Demi Burnett has finally revealed whether she’ll be on the upcoming season or not. Demi made a name for herself pretty early on in Colton’s season of The Bachelor. She had a sharp tongue and an even sharper wit. Her fiery nature was palpable, and people either loved her or hated her for it. Despite being eliminated on week 6, Demi became a prominent figure in Bachelor Nation. She started live-tweeting the seasons with fans and was frequently at Bachelor events. After her stunt on The Bachelor, Demi found herself on BIP season 6, and it went pretty unexpected.


For starters, Demi came out as bisexual, which was historic for the franchise. Soon after her coming out, Demi decided to fully pursue the woman she’d been dating outside of the show, Kristian Haggerty. To her surprise, Kristian was allowed on BIP, and the two were able to continue their relationship on national television. They even ended the season engaged, but announced only a few months later that the pair had parted ways. Demi joined BIP once again, this time intent on pursuing anyone she was interested in. But, she fell for Kenny Braasch, and while they did have a short lived fling, Kenny ultimate decided to pursue his now fiancée Mari Pepin. Demi was left embarrassed by the entire display and ended the season alone.

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Since Demi’s time on the franchise, fans have been wondering is if she’ll be back, and now they’re finally getting answers. In an interview with Us Weekly, Demi admitted, “I cannot go on Bachelor in Paradise again. No. Also, I’m way out of their league,” she jokedWhile originally Demi was a fun contestant, fans didn’t exactly enjoy her appearances on BIP. Though it was exciting to watch Demi come to accept her sexuality, it didn’t make sense for Demi to explore her relationship on BIP, considering Kristian had never been on the franchise. But it was really her appearance on the next season that solidified fan distrust. Demi talked a lot of game, but was manipulative and insulting to the other woman. After the season, Bachelor Nation didn’t want Demi back, and it’s understandable why she wouldn’t want to come back.

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Though Demi stood firm she was never going to be joining the beaches of Mexico again, she isn’t opposed to having her own show. Demi confirmed that “of course” she’d say yes to her own spin-off. But Demi was pretty candid that dating is the furthest thing from her mind at the moment. Earlier this year she shared that she was diagnosed with autism, and she has since been busy discovering how best to navigate her life, saying, “I haven’t been focusing on dating because I had to figure out everything about myself, understand myself, work on that, healed from trauma, work on where I want to be and you know, just all about Demi.” She went on to explain that right now her focus needs to be on herself, not someone else.

It’s bittersweet knowing Demi won’t be joining the next season of Paradise. While Bachelor Nation wasn’t always her biggest fans, she was a fun villain. And when fans were rooting for her, the series was even more engaging. It’ll be interesting to see the dynamics of Bachelor In Paradise in a season without Demi. But if history is any indication, even if Demi never appears on the franchise again, she’ll still have a lot to say about all the drama.

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Source: Us Weekly

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