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Destiny 2: How To Get The Unforgiven SMG (& God Roll)

Unforgiven is a new Void submachine gun in Destiny 2 that has a fantastic god roll, as well as some other great perk combinations for PvE and PvP.

Unforgiven is a brand new submachine gun in Destiny 2 that may have the best god roll of any Void SMG released in The Witch Queen expansion so far. While it is true that other Void SMGs such as Funnelweb, Shayura’s Wrath, and even the Title have seen a lot of popularity since the release of Void 3.0, Unforgiven may just have them all beat when it comes to perk combinations. Additionally, Unforgiven has an Aggressive Frame, which gives the weapon a high damage output in exchange for high recoil.

Like the majority of the guns earned through the Duality Dungeon, Unforgiven is not a weapon that can be crafted in Destiny 2. While this may or may not make it more challenging to obtain the new SMG, it does mean that Unforgiven won’t have access to any of the enhanced traits that can only be acquired by leveling up a craftable weapon. There are a few opportunities to earn the weapon in the Duality Dungeon across two of the encounters, as well as through the secret chests inside of Calus’s mind.


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Unforgiven has a chance to drop from both the second and final encounters in Duality, though the former may be easier simply because all items can drop from the latter. However, to get the SMG from a secret chest, it will first need to be earned from either encounter. Afterward, the first secret chest can be found in the same room as the four Cabal statues, while the second is placed adjacent to the tenth Repressed Memory location in Duality. Fortunately, the Duality dungeon is a farmable activity, which means Unforgiven can be earned by repeating any of the appropriate encounters multiple times before the weekly reset.

The Best Perks For Unforgiven In Destiny 2

The best barrel perks for Unforgiven are Arrowhead BrakeSmallboreCorkscrewrifling (PvE), and Extended Barrel (PvP). Although Extended Barrel isn’t the most popular choice on an SMG, it will help with both the weapon’s range and recoil control. For magazine perks, some versatile options are High-Caliber Rounds and Ricochet Rounds, but PvE and PvP specific rolls can make use of Appended Mag and Light Mag, respectively. For the best third and fourth column perk combinations to use across Vanguard, Crucible, and Gambit activities in Destiny 2, as well other endgame PvE and PvP modes, these rolls work well for Unforgiven:

  • 1. Demolitionist/Adrenaline Junkie – This is the god roll for Unforgiven, as it is many weapons that have these options available as well.
  • 2. Demolitionist/Golden Tricorn – This combination is perfect for Void subclass users, and it may be preferred over Demolitionist/Adrenaline Junie because of how Golden Tricorn synergizes with same-damage type abilities.
  • 3. Feeding Frenzy/Frenzy – Another great combination that has synergistic perks.
  • 4. Feeding Frenzy, Demolitionist/Rampage – Again, these combinations are just fantastic to use in PvE activities throughout Destiny 2.

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Destiny 2 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia.

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